“What should be very important for Canadians to understand is that an elected Governor General, an elected Senate and a free vote in Parliament by all MP’s would secure a more realistic democracy. In our current format the Governor General is an appointed stooge, elected MP’s serve to enforce the status quo, and Senators serve to enrich the doctrine of cronyism and nepotism.

There is currently no method in the Constitutional Act of 1982 which dictates how a Prime Minister can be removed. The Act also doesn’t quite define the duties of the Prime Minister of Canada or that the Prime Minister must leave the House of Commons if the governing party has lost confidence. The reason they do so, is based on tradition. However, unlike the United States, the Head of State and the Head of Government are NOT one in the same. The Queen of England for all intents and purposes is our Head of State. We are a Monarchy while the United States is a Republic. The Governor General represents the Queen of England and is therefore our representative. The Prime Minister of Canada is the Head of Government. The person who can remove the Prime Minister or any other Minister within Parliament before an election (other than the legal system) is the Governor General.

The role of the Prime Minister is not defined in the constitution, so there is no specific formula for his dishonorable removal from office. However, none is truly necessary, since, as the Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor General, the Governor General can simply replace him. No Canadian Prime Minister has ever been removed from office for committing a crime, so how and under what circumstances it would occur cannot be known.”   Joseph Pede

Way to go Joe, but it is well known that Justin Stooge is doing all he can to prevent his justifiable ouster. The new Governor General in one such measure.  Ultimately it is going to prove easier to prosecute and convict Justin Trudeau et al under the existing hate/bias crimes now on the books. Easy, but perhaps too time consuming and costly for the feint of heart. In the meantime, Canada, must stop crying the blues about the Monarchy and utilize it to demand the Governor-General remove Trudeau and his inner circle of cronies from their Parliamentary seats.

Governor General David Johnston served since 1 October 2010 until his replacement by our new Spaced-Out Science Queer. His career description, awards and accommodations from his peers made David Johnston sound like ‘Captain Canadian Democracy – Defender of Truth’ compared to AG Quennie. But, do not expect his type to enact the sanity of your demands for they are of the same perverted spirit and mindset as the people that need to be removed. The absolute spiritual lunacy of the man is shown clearly in his book Earth, Empire and Sacred Text: Muslims and Christians … – “Earth, Empire and Sacred Text examines the Muslim-Christian theology of creation and humanity, aiming to construct a dialogue to enable both faiths to work together to preserve our planet, to bring justice to its most needy inhabitants, and to contribute to peace-building. Earth, Empire and Sacred Text opens with an analysis of the influential shift from the Cartesian view of the autonomous, disembodied self to a self-defined in discourse, community and culture. The “career” of Q. 2:30 (Adam’s God-mandated trusteeship) is then traced, from Islamic commentaries of the classical period to writings of Muslim scholars in the modern and postmodern periods. This is examined alongside the concept of human trusteeship under God in Christian and Jewish writers. The book concludes by highlighting the essential elements for a Muslim-Christian theology of human trusteeship.” If you believe that Muslims and Christians are either called to or shall form a bond of human trusteeship to work together to preserve our planet, to bring justice to its most needy inhabitants, and to contribute to peace-building; you truly are delusional surrounding the contents of the Muslim Qur’an and Christian Bible.

Whatever, do not give any unrighteous Liberal dogs and their soulmates one moment of personal rest inside or outside of the walls of Parliament. Perhaps you need to first give the former Desk Jockey of Stupidity a new residential address with bars as his assumed five years in office as the Governor General is past. If so, what political cronies should accompany him from the not so bi-partisan unholy Canadian political pack?

Still, we must not assume all Liberals are morally unrighteous rabid dogs howling along with Justin’s’ pack. Indicators are that the tide has already turned against the dope smoking, drug promoting Dream Weaver Trudeau. Still, you and the new Governor General  may want ‘to light up, snort up or slosh down’ and head for another ride into the Trudeau Dream Weaver fantasy land.


1. Trudeau’s recent statement that Canadians aren’t required to show a license when purchasing a gun exhibits his ignorance. For that’s definitely NOT what the current law says! And when Trudeau claimed in a 2011 interview that he was a gun owner, was he once again lying? Or did THE STOOGE simply not obey the law when buying his gun? This moron clearly does not even understand our current gun laws, and yet he’s planning to crack down on legal gun owners regardless.

 2. THE STOOGE is in a bed of lies with Lesbians like Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and shares her racially, age oriented and gender based divisive sentiments. This emerged once again in a leaked audio recording of her divisive speech to Humber College students. Wynne warned the students that if they don’t vote, that “old white people” will! It appears “old white people” are increasingly being projected as Public Enemy #1 in the Liberal Deck of Islamic Cards being dealt in Canada.

 3. Just how bad is THE STOOGE?  At this point you need to watch the VIRAL VIDEO: “The Truth About Justin Trudeau …  and once again give heed to the knowledge you should have analyzed prior to electing a demented and very dangerous man.

The video raises concerns about Trudeau’s associations with various Islamic groups and individuals in Canada; his recitation of the Muslim convert’s “shahada” prayer during a visit to a particular mosque; and much more. We’ll let the video speak for itself and let you make up your own minds about it!

The safety and well-being of Canada and its citizens must be the first priority of the federal government, not the advancing of Trudeau’s Islamic Invasion.

 A picture is claimed to be as good as a thousand words. Here is a thousand words just for you.

IT SIMPLY IS BEST FOR CANADA that the you get rid of this posturing treasonous fool now!

All his garbage needs to be left behind as quickly as possible.