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The simple definition of chaos is given as ‘complete disorder and confusion’, but no State, society or individual life can disintegrate to such a ‘complete being’ spontaneously. There always has to be ‘incendiary events’ that lead to chaos. Sometimes these events appear seemingly evolutionary in that they convey the impression of a ‘natural patterned growth’, but such ‘insinuations’ are most often errant. Chaos requires the deliberate action or inaction on the part of States, societies or individuals to fully explode into awareness.

The journey from a ‘serene or equitable’ status to one of chaos, no matter the feet trudging it that one may be observing at any particular point, all have one recognizable feature in common. They all have the personal stench of mental fungal decay eating away at legitimate authority in some form or another.

There is no earthly existing Utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without some form of government being evidenced. You simply cannot have a complete absence of government without being in chaos. And government requires recognizable forms and abilities to implement authority in the lives of States, societies and individuals.

A highly visible sign of entering the arena of chaos is the state of anarchy. Anarchy is recognized as being a state of disorder due to the absence or the nonrecognition of authority. This state we have observed prevailing in many formats of ghettos worldwide or societies in dystopia like conditions.

Take note, the state of anarchy with its descent to absolute chaos due to lawlessness or political disorder, can be checked and corrected only through the actions or choices first made by individuals.

Conservatives – Andrew Scheer

“Hi mom and dad. I should make it home by supper time tonight.”

“Don’t fret Andy. We love to wait up and keep your supper in the warmer. Remember, peanut butter cookies tonight.”

“Aw, shucks! And, traffic is congested! But I guess I better hang around for Question Period unless I can get Kenzie to cover for me. Aw, shucks!”

As Max has stated, in many ways Scheer ‘is a good guy and a family man’. But Scheer is also leading a Conservative Party that Max has clearly qualified. “I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed,” he said. This is a fact and like other matters surrounding Andrew ‘Peter Principle’ Scheer must be taken into full account.

The Canadian birthed ‘Peter Principle’ of organizational structure is that members of a hierarchy are promoted until they reach and remain at the level at which they are no longer competent.

Usually taken facetiously or satirical, it should not be as it is a highly visible phenomena on the Canadian political-economic and spiritual landscapes. It is a primary reason that truly competent leadership is in scarcity and in such high demand. It is also a primary reason that we see truly competent and skilled leadership too often simply ‘retiring’ in disgust or some form of ‘burn-out’ from their generally hard worked for and once coveted positions. 

Highly skilled people can enter an organization and rise through promotion to their own ultimate level of incompetence. In all sectors of our society we find job vacancies continually arise and need to be filled. The criteria for promotion from within is usually successful performance in current and previous posts. For a variety of reasons at some point individuals are promoted to posts which are simply beyond the range of their abilities. From this point their job performance is characterized by incompetence and their promotions will cease. This has a continuing negative effect in that Individuals are now permanently planted in positions which they cannot adequately perform. Thus, has arisen the generalized principle statement that ‘every employee tends to move to their level of incompetence’ in corporate structures.

Over time as ‘each additional post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent’ we find the entire organizational performance will virtually always become increasingly dysfunctional through performing at sub-optimum levels.

Every large organization will contain a number of people in this situation, but the visibly prospering structures have not been overtaken by them. But, eventually, if the Peter Principle is not checked and plays itself out, all major positions in an organization could be held by individuals who are incapable of fulfilling their roles.

This does not always happen but it has become a too frequent occurrence. And the frequency exacerbates to the degree at which the organizational structure is already permeated by the Peter Principle. Why? Because the people who select them to move onward are too often already at their own highest level of complete incompetence.

But, a great number of people enter corporations with zeal for success and genuine concern for healthy corporate welfare which they view as demanding polished, conscientious work skills be performed adequately. But, particularly within Government corporate structures it has only acerbated our perceived declines. Groups with genuine ‘work ethics’ see the functioning of their own unit as a priority and thus cleanse themselves for such by what is described as the tendency to “kick employees upstairs”. The professional term for such action is Percussive Sublimation: This is a method by which a group rids itself of individuals hampering more productive workers by recommending them, voting for them and assisting them through promotion to management positions. This leaves the group under effective leadership of the ‘go getter they desire’, but the process is a viscous cycle as the ‘management fungal rot’ continues to rise in the overall body corporate. 

People may also be justifiably promoted until they enter a job that they are truly no good at, and there they will stay forever. That is, unless the ‘volcanic sewage’ that originally allowed them to rise has built pressures to the degree that it continues to explosively thrust them upward. Such is the case for too many people within recognized party ranks. They may at one time have had aptitudes or proven skills for the roles they were considered for and which moved them onward. But such aptitudes and skills are not applicable to where they are now ensconced.

Good performance in one job sector does not guarantee similar performance in another supposedly somehow parallel and equally as important a sector. Thus, within the political arena we see the continual shuffling of ‘cabinet cronies’ in desperate bids to find the original talent positioning from which they may have at some time been birthed. 

This must be brought to an end.

Do you think this Peter Principle is only theoretic? I wish it were. Workers will keep getting promotions and extra responsibilities till they can’t adequately perform their tasks anymore, both in and outside of Government. And you can study the Psychology that has arisen around the phenomena until you reach your own ‘level of highest personal incompetence’ should you desire. You can get on your way through the following entering points if you desire: Wage Compression, Turnover, Voluntary Turnover, Barthel Index, Participative Decision-Making (Pdm), Union, Outplacement Counseling, Organizational Effectiveness, Valence-Instrumentality-Expectancy Theory or Street Intelligence.

The list is endless and just another reason why we constantly see another ‘Parliamentary Committee’ being struck.

What I have been stating are observable facts, not simply a part of some ‘satirical theory’. And, from this basis I unequivocally state it is Scheer Lunacy to remain within the current Conservative Party ranks if you truly believe in traditional Conservative Values.

To understand where the “Conservatives” are now and why in such need of reform you need a bit of Wiki-Info about The Canadian Alliance Party (The Reform Party of Canada)

The Reform Party of Canada (FrenchParti réformiste du Canada) was a right-wing populist federal political party in Canada that existed from 1987 to 2000. Reform was founded as a Western Canada -based protest movement and eventually became a populist conservative party, with strong social conservative elements. It was initially motivated by the perceived need for democratic reforms and by profound Western Canadian discontent with the Progressive Conservative (PC) federal government of Prime Minister Brian ‘Looney’ Mulroney.

Led by its founder Preston Manning, Reform rapidly gained momentum in western Canada, and successfully supplanted the PCs as the largest party in Western Canada after the 1993 election. In opposition, the party advocated for spending restraint and democratic reform. In the leadup to the 1997 election, the party attempted to make a national breakthrough and replace the ailing PCs. However, a Liberal victory and disappointment with the lack of Eastern seats led many members to question the future direction of the party.

The party was directly succeeded by the Canadian Alliance in 2000, which merged with the Progressive Conservative Party in 2003 to form the modern-day Conservative Party of Canada.

Maxime Bernier has a strong base among Conservative men knowing the necessity of reform of the amalgamated conservatives. Men such as George Richardson, former Canadian Alliance Party president, and Adam Richardson the former Canadian Alliance candidate and staffer openly backed his policies. 49% of Conservatives did back Bernier at the time of his leadership race with PP Scheer and still do. Given the passage of time and events the 51% are in likelihood coming to realization now of the error of supporting Scheer. But as Bernier has stated, he is not soliciting them but will let his policies and groundswell of support let them determine their course of actions now. Pride will cause some to commit ‘political suicide’, but pride always rises before a fall. All the true Conservative can hope for is that they can keep the projected need for ‘body bags’ low. As Mad Max stated, this Scheer Conservative Party is “too intellectually and morally corrupt.” Here is his full speech in Calgary on Why a new Conservative Based party is necessary. >


Glam Star Party Hackette Kenzie Potter was named Principal Secretary to Scheer in June of 2017. This is an important and influential position in relationship to the Prime Ministers Office.

I do not know what truly qualified her for any position when she found her way into the Political Scene. But I do know what she rapidly evolved to and the following report pretty much sums it up.

“The ‘social lives’ of many in the Conservative party took a nosedive when Speaker Andrew Scheer hired Tory glam staffer Kenzie Potter as his chief of staff. The Speaker’s office is non-partisan, which means Potter can no longer be ‘head of the Conservatives social committee’, where she previously organized events like their Halloween party and the Tories’ five-year anniversary bash at Ottawa’s Hard Rock Cafe”-

“One of Potter’s previous jobs included working for Jay Hill when he was government whip and House leader; that’s where she mastered her parliamentary procedure. –

Potter’s big challenge will be the annual Speaker’s BBQ for MPs and the media held at the Farm at Kingsmere, his official residence. Under the Previous Speaker, Peter Milliken, the centerpiece was always a huge leg of beef. Asked why he never switched the food up, Milliken said he would have been happy to try different things but he left the food choices to his staff. There seems to have been a communication problem; his staff countered that that was the menu Milliken always liked, so they never dared change it.”

So, this is the wonderful world of the evolutionary Political Patricia Principled Kenzie Potter. A few months past I made visitation to the Regina offices of our ‘glam queen’ and off somewhere Blushing Scheer. The woman did not even have the common sense to employ a breast pump to ensure her own infant daughter could be fed when she was closeted with ‘visiting favor seeking Conservative hacks’ of one form or another. It was hilarious watching the ‘phone lady receptionist at the front desk with the big boobs and low-cut top panic as ‘Rosie’ repeatedly tried to pull down her top to get a drink. This continued until I finally left the office chuckling to myself as you never know how long party hacks and patronage pukes will stay closeted. I didn’t really consider Principle Secretary Glam Pot quite worth the wait.

However, it is not so hilarious watching such people as Potter trying to further ensconce themselves in Ottawa to the detriment of one and all.  Political hacks, party hacks and ‘hired guns’ are flocking about PP Scheer. It is not that Potter is not astute at making arrangements But, the work performance of Kenzie Potter reeks of what the Bible references as “the work of an imperious politically whorish woman”.

I would hope that in the midst of all the ‘jiggling and juggling’ of Andy’s affairs she might somehow teach Rosie enough common sense to pack a breast pump when heading to the office.

One of Andrew Sheer’s shallow vows was that “he would always fight for and protect the rights of parents as first educators to their children.” When the chips are down, he will never keep it and you shall know such life results personally. Glam Queen I believe that “every one that uses proverbs shall use this proverb against thee, saying, as is the mother, so is her daughter.” (Ezekiel 16:44) This is truly a crying shame as Rosie certainly was one ‘cute looking kid’. But then so was the cute Kid from Redvers and take a look at him now.


The Hack Hamish Marshall –   This man has definitely been elevated to the upper echelon of current CCP Hacks. He was hired from amid Scheer’s stated media bad guys, those sources Scheer needed to deem unfit to be spoken to and thus ensure ‘composure in his own camp”. Hamish is a former Rebel under Ezra Levant and a true ‘hired gun’ for Scheer appointed him the 2019 Conservative campaign chairman. >

 It is good that Ezra no longer has an employee of such caliber for it lowers the level of the ‘Peter Principle People’ that are evidenced in Ezra’s own ranks. 

This Hamish certainly casts an image similar to his current master, both physically and morally. Neither one is worth the powder to blow their hypocritical hides to hell. On second thought, they both have earned the right to the powder through their own actions and most certainly they will find a way to pad their tax payer expense accounts to pay for the explosions. 

“The man the federal Conservatives have hired to run their next election campaign comes with baggage that Scheer himself now wants to avoid — a connection to media outlet The Rebel. 

If most Canadians know Marshall’s name at all, it’s probably because of that Rebel link. Like most campaign managers, the bespectacled and baby-faced Marshall stayed behind the scenes during Scheer’s leadership race.”

But the desk he stayed behind for most of the race was located in Rebel offices. I wonder if he was billing Scheer for his office provision and reimbursing Ezra for the cost? Ask Ezra, it was his space. Also, ask Ezra if he was pushing Marshall toward ‘sheer conservative assistance’ for his own business ends and ongoing battle with the CBC. After all, Marshall is a ‘hired gun’ that will fire in whatever direction the cash rattles.


“In August 2018, as growing controversy swirled around The Rebel’s coverage of neo-Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., Scheer began to face questions about Marshall’s role as a director of Rebel Media Ltd. and Scheer’s own willingness to grant interviews to the outlet. This was at the time when the Faith Goudy Girl was caught with her verbal pants somewhat down in making what sounded like white supremacist comments doing a Rebel interview, which ultimately led to her firing. Always looking for ‘political footage’ and another inch up in lapping from the bowl of ‘public popularity’ Scheer hastily jumped to the opportunity of rebuking the Rebel as somehow endorsing white supremacism and himself a champion against such. He must have been on a phone call to mom and dad, or perhaps 4 of his five kids were screaming at the same time distracting him for he plumb forgot that his leadership campaign manager was/had been an employee of the Rebel at the same time they were partnering up together. So, the fool fired off his mouth canon and effectively shot himself in the foot.

Scheer is dishonest and he periodically exposes himself as such in statements that go back a long way.

But, back to PP Scheer himself.

“So as long as the editorial direction of that particular institution remains as it is … I won’t be granting those types of interviews,” Scheer told reporters in mid-August, insisting that he wanted to focus on providing a positive vision that would bring Canadians together. And it’s precisely that tension that could prove a challenge for Scheer. Marshall helped him run a positivity-themed campaign during the leadership, focusing largely on party unity.”

These two birds certainly have party unity and will remain so united until one seriously threatens the ‘cash flow’ of the other in some manner. Marshall was a duplicitous thief while working for the Rebel and Scheer just cannot help padding his accounts as his days with good old mom and day in Ottawa have shown.

The other hacks around them prove little better and no more intelligent.

“He’s not involved with The Rebel,” said Cory Hann.

But Marshall was involved and his main involvement speaks for itself. Back in 2015, Marshall told the National Observer, “I am not involved at all in the content production and editorial side of things. My involvement is on the business side.”

And, in an article, Marshall told Maclean’s that he was “in the process” of severing ties with The Rebel, though he didn’t provide a precise date for his departure, citing “some business issues that need to be resolved.”

Here, the key word in Marshall’s dictionary is “business”, and this remains the business of making Marshall money. And the most money comes in ‘propaganda content production’ in the world Marshall dwells in.

During the leadership race, Scheer and Marshall teamed up to run a campaign based on keeping the party united and amid their series of targeted pitches the ‘Scheer – Marshall – Rebel glitch’ occasioned. There was an attempt at the time to show Scheer as being prepared to save the tax payer money through removing federal grant funding from universities that did not champion free speech in his stated manner of doing so. And, lo and behold they were even able to hold our boy Travis Patron up as one of the extreme examples of white supremacism that they said could not deter them. It all would sound quite good politically press wise if they had not been caught in the ‘hired gun hack a doodle do-do mess’ of Rebel media employment of Marshall they had been placed in.

Scheer, the championing of ‘free speech’ sates: “No one likes when debate gets stifled, when these events get cancelled, whether it’s a former president or prime minister of Israel, whether it’s a discussion on a panel.”

“The foundation of our democracy is the ability to have a debate about any subject,” Scheer said at the time.

“That is why I am so committed to defending free speech. I will withhold federal funding from universities that shut down debate and can’t stand different points of view.”

The man is a hypocrite and totally incapable of debating the truth spoken by Maxime Bernier surrounding the immoral bipartisan corruption he represents. When confronted with it on August 23,2018 all he could do was screech out some standard party hack appeals designed for his own safety and defence…..‘he’s gonna split the vote, he is a sore loser, he just wants his own ends’…Was this Scheer or Marshall speaking as Maxime Bernier is certainly the greatest threat they face to continuance of padding their expense accounts. 

Whatever. Marshall describes himself online as “a strategist, pollster and demographic expert who tells stories with numbers.” Another bio puts it more succinctly: “Hamish helps clients win.” And, it doesn’t matter about the client, the paycheck is the reason he helps them win. He did not leave the Rebel over ‘purist conservatist ideals’, in fact we know he did work on Scheer’s leadership campaign from Rebel offices.

“The issue re-emerged this week when a Globe and Mail reporter asked Scheer whether he was aware that Marshall had worked out of The Rebel offices during Scheer’s leadership run.

“I didn’t ask Hamish about every client he had,” said Scheer, before ending the media availability session.”

Scheer is good at refusing interview if he knows he will have to face questions that show him for what he truly is.

Whether he hires an Aussie hack, or Canadian hack it is all the same with Scheer in any strategy session about winning the federal race in 2019.

Cory Hann notes that Marshall “has shown he thrives in underdog campaigns.” Well, the money hungry little puke should really thrive in this one. He possibly will be able to collect cash from multiple clients. For certain Scheer will see Marshall gets every bag he can carry in Scheer’s desperate bid to even save his own money-grubbing expense padding ass.

Scheer got caught in his ‘public purse theft’ through issues that were raised about discrepancies in his expense claims through an interview away back in 2010. The Huffington Post – Canada was sniffing around and they found that in an interview with CPAC in 2010, host Catherine Clark had asked Scheer where he lives when he stays in Ottawa.

“I sleep in the same bed I slept in when I was in high school and elementary school. I stay with Mum and Dad,” Scheer said, laughing and blushing. “Sometimes,” he said, “his parents wait up for him.”

“It’s funny. I like it,” he told Clark, who agreed that the scenario sounded lovely.

“It’s great on a lot of levels,” Scheer added. “It saves the taxpayers money, because I’m staying with Mom and Dad, not at hotels…. I’m living off my parents,” he said, laughing.

Except Scheer wasn’t saving the taxpayers money according to Huffington Post – Canada findings.

“During the time period discussed in the interview, Scheer claimed close to the limit MP’s are allowed for accommodation and per diem expenses. (The cap in 2010 was $25,850 and is currently $30,000).

In 2009-2010, he claimed $23,231 in MP accommodation and per diems.

In 2010-2011, he expended $19,310.44 for accommodation, meals and incidental expenses incurred while travel status in Ottawa.

When HuffPost approached Scheer’s office about the expense claims, his chief of staff, Kenzie Potter, said Scheer happened to be staying at his parents “a fair bit” around that time but that he was also staying in hotels.”

Was it between arranging table settings and preparing menu options for the next get together at tax payer expense our ‘breast pumpless glam queen’ rose to the rescue?

2016/12/06/ > Andrew Scheer’s Office Says He Exaggerated his 2010 Story About…

“Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer exaggerated a cute story of sleeping at his parents’ home while working in Ottawa, his office said Monday after The Huffington Post – Canada raised questions about potential discrepancies in his expense claims.”

 “I think he was just adding color to the story about having curfew. His parents house was, and still is a bit of a home base for him,” she wrote in an email. “It was more just a cute story he was telling her.”

Not quite ‘cute enough’ to hide the truth of the documentation Glam Queen. Scheer was raiding the public purse then and is just as fraudulent in his self-serving activities now.

In the House of Commons on January 31st, 2018 he rose to state: “Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister forced a minister to pay back more than $3,000 for inappropriate expenses. He forced his chief of staff and his principal secretary to pay back more than $64,000 for inappropriate moving expenses. Before he became prime minister, he himself had to pay back nearly $1,000 in expenses.

When will the Prime Minister follow his own rules and give Canadians back the $200,000 that he charged them for his illegal trips?”

PP Scheer, the record shows you to be a lying hypocritical bastard in launching accusations for crimes which you are guilty of yourself. And, being you are a hypocrite is part of why you so greatly feared Maxime Bernier’s demand for policy changes.

The ludicrousness of Scheer in his desperation of Bernier coming after him policy wise is best summed up in this Rebel presentation of August 24,2018 > But it was notable, Ezra blames both Scheer and Bernier as both being much smaller as true conservative leaders for their respective roles.

But Ezra, in fashioning yourself as the ‘champion of true conservatism and media purity’ we must remind you this is what Scheer was paying Marshall the Rebel Media Mutt for at the time. >  He was busy taking care of such business to ensure his paycheck. This propaganda production was ready for posting immediately after the Mad Max announcement. Hamish must have been in extreme haste preparing it.  But perhaps his associated Australian hired guns were shooting with both barrels at the same time.

Scheer could never fulfill the necessary requirement of anyone to be considered capable of the great leadership Canada now needs. Such leadership is evidenced in the ability of being able to Stand Alone in the face of all opposition when it comes to providing people with what is genuinely needed for their well being. Jesus Christ was the greatest exponent of this quality that has ever walked on the face of this earth.

Maxime Bernier has emulated him to a high degree in how and why he chose to leave the Conservative Party. I pray he is not crucified for doing so by the confused Canadian Political body tweeting their ‘bird brains’ on August 23 >

But, as events have transpired it does not look like his political blood will be shed from coast to coast, it looks like the haemorrhage will be that of his opponents.  Unfortunately, Hamish cannot be hired to ensure they bleed to death as it does not appear Bernier believes in employing straight forward political hacks.

When asked what he hoped to achieve, Mad Max responded “I hope we could have the balance of power, that would be great.”

I think the very poor caliber of his opposition ensures he shall reform a government in which he has much more than the balance of power. And this will be in spite of all the political and party hacks snuggled somewhere in the not so hallowed halls of Ottawa.




Mad Max Bernier of the Peoples Party of Canada resonates with messages about change of policies and doing politics differently. There are many policy issues dividing our country and threatening our prosperity right now surrounding pipelines, equalization, immigration, corporate welfare, the Paris Agreement, healthcare, foreign aid, the UN Global Compact, the UN Migrant Agenda and suffocating supply management. Big Government has mandated its own control in all these areas and Max Bernier is 100% correct that it must be reduced in size and move toward being a cost-efficient corruption free organization.

Not to do so will end in a Canadian chaos that will dwarf France in its magnitude. And none of you will have clear cut identification when it does explode of ‘which persons in the milling mob about you are perceiving you as friend or foe’? At that point full panic will hit and ‘your greatest fear will come upon you’. That is the point of personal descent into an absolute chaos from which most people never emerge with personalities not irreparably psychologically damaged.

This is what Trudeau’s desired mandate for you has evolved to and Conservatives under Scheer have been ‘mandated’ right into his program with him.

You cannot remain one of Sheer’s anthropoids and see any true Conservative values emerge following the 2019 election. It is time to jump off whatever fence you may be mulling the future from and boot Trudeau out of Parliament Hill and toward jail now.

When you do so make certain you allocate time to ensure white supremacists and neo-Nazi fascists like Travis Patron are entangled in his coat-tails.

Your only safety from the descending chaos is to clearly identify yourself through publicly taking your stance now.



To Pander or Not to Pander

Scheer basically branded himself a ‘political pimp’ and liar at the time of the leadership race.

From interview – ‘In a leadership race dominated by a celebrity candidate who plays to crowds and some polarizing either-or positions on identity politics, Andrew Scheer sells himself as Mr. Compromise — the candidate who can unite Tories on the right and on the left.’

“I call myself a full-spectrum Conservative,” says Scheer. “I think the leader should always try to find common ground between all the different kinds of Conservatives.”

“He says the many MP’s who have endorsed him see him as a team player who’s not going to impose his own ideology on the caucus.”

But Scheer is now clearly under endorsement of ‘full-spectrum Conservative’ pandering to special interest groups in both Church and state.

And Bernier is now under endorsement of having basically branded himself an equal opportunity ‘hard nose’.

In interview Bernier “When asked what he would do to earn the votes of diverse Canadians, said he’d do nothing.

“I won’t do anything for the Muslim community, I won’t do anything for the Christian community, I won’t do anything for the Jewish community,” Bernier said.

“For me, you are a Canadian and I’m working for all Canadians.

“I don’t try to pander to every special ethnicity or special interest group.”

 I guess Canada and conservatives in particular need to face up to their need for cosmetic surgery and just what style and color of nose they truly prefer.

But, returning to our ‘cash handy Andy’, just where is there a completely honest dividing line drawn in the shifting sands of this man’s life? He assumed his office as Official Leader of the Opposition on May 27, 2017 at a salary of $255,000.00 Canadian which should have been enough incentive to keep him from more stealing through expense accounts and perks. But old habits are hard to break when your character has already been molded. You can dig through the ‘sanitized’ Andrew Scheer of Wikipedia but it does not shine the light of reality upon this hacks political life.


 YO HOMEY! Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? >

Whether dining in public or at home this political grunt truly feels entitlement to his pork barrel rights. He plays every card in his deck of opportunity to ensure that he does not get squeezed out of the ‘public trough’ through bipartisan antics of any other Ottawa piglet.

The man is shameless in how he deploys ‘family’ to attempt popularity gain to ascend or remain within the political image he desires. Scheer in no manner created this political facade but he certainly mastered the techniques of doing so.  He continuously uses family to try and garner belief that he is the model for the ordinary Canadian citizen and best for their representation.

Last year Andrew Scheer’s stated ideas of a magical Christmas did not ‘envision breaks involving billionaires or private islands’ like that of Justin Trudeau. “Instead, he is preparing to head home to Regina with his wife Jill and five kids, to sit in his pajamas with them until noon every day watching old movies like Home Alone 2, with its brief Donald Trump cameo.”

But last December 21, 2017 he made certain his photo-op with wife Jill was ready for press publication. And this ‘May Mother’s Day’ of 2018 pump all you can from ‘the well’ of public family imagery was given the global view. > But Scheer ultimately man’s all his pumps due to ‘political designs’ and not truly embedded family ideals. Even pumping out another kid with his ‘soul mate breeder Jill’ is geared toward what fits in with his political aspirations. When questioned as to the ages of their five children and why there was a two-year gap between the first four and then a five-year gap till the fifth one aged two, she stated: ‘we had one per election, the gap was because of the ‘majority government’ and they then had one again with the election’. A pleasant and obviously prolific breeder I wonder if dear Jill had to vibrate with sexual desires as not so ‘unhandy Andy’ was intently cementing his political goals during normal nocturnal family hours?

Well, as Homey Jill smiles sweetly -“All of those things take a little bit of time and a little bit of an adjustment,” she said, adding that ‘she hasn’t spent much time thinking about how their life might shift yet again if the Conservatives win the federal election in 2019.’

Fear not Jill, your boy will not head up a conservative government following October 21, 2019 and you should soon be getting a bit more seriously intimate attention from Andy.

He won’t just be making you more publicly visible than ever before, as he has done during the past several months, with you attending numerous events alongside him and hosting your first solo event on Parliament Hill to raise awareness of the worldwide bone marrow registry. All was for his needed attention seeking in the public eye. On April 27, 2018 radio host Geoff Currier spoke a lot of reality surrounding your boy Jill. > > Where’s Waldo — I mean, Andrew Scheer? Quite flatly he states Andrew is ‘missing in action’.

You see Jill, polls have shown your ‘pajama clad prince’ remains a mystery to nearly three in four Canadians. One opinion poll suggested those people who did know him felt him to be “intelligent” and “principled” but not “tough” or “interesting.”

Does he need to get tougher and more interesting Jill? Perhaps the conservative reform truly needed comes first within your own home? But as you have stated there has never existed such circumstance as this and no one to turn to for advice in raising children in this ‘media cultured world’. But Jill, after all is said and done, a tightly scheduled breeding pattern due to political frameworks does not seem quite normal to the ‘common Canadian’ nor ‘traditional Canadian values’.

But don’t fear too prolonged a sexual abstinence in the cause of the ‘greater political good of Absent Andy.”  With Christmas time fast approaching and all the children about the tree, the state of ‘political tension’ might ease just enough that ‘commoner’ Andrew recalls that Santa Claus only has to come popping down the chimney once a year. Being the ‘family man’ he is and with your ‘five occupied with their goodies’ he may then just hustle you off for a ‘little bone marrow registry of your very, very own’. But, then he may not, he may simply lead you off to another prearranged photo-op of overlooking a menu where the bulbs are popping. And, if it all leaves you overheated, you and ‘buster blush’ can cool off together shoveling snow in the driveway in the clothes you were dining in. Somehow, I don’t think the frolicsome five will come rushing out to help you with their new gleaming snow shovels.

Are the ‘delayed again sleigh bells’ ringing in your ears Jill? Are you even capable of listening, or has it all truly become a ‘winter I wonder when land’ around the house? It seems like you potentially could be facing the ‘full course enactment of standardized political sexual realities’ this Christmas in your ‘homey land Jill’. But you will be able to answer that question for us after Christmas day Jill. This is also my hoped for date of Chapter Six publication, but if I miss it, for certain it will not have the emotional results that the ‘political parade of events’ is having in your life.

If Santa didn’t come sliding down the flue for you and somehow flew your nesting coop this season, there is truly no reason to panic in fear that you must somehow await next year and even as long as October 21, 2019. Your boy Andy has proven himself a standard political turkey many times over. As we move toward that election date and the political tensions increase, your boy will be bombarded with the fact he simply cannot hack his way out of the mess he has hacked his way into.

But, be careful Jill, as you are ‘manageress of homey land and your desired Randy Andy may just come staggering home with peanut butter cookies on his breath, a glazed look in his eyes and visions of his shadow ministers disappearing in his cloudy mind. He may simply be overcome and normalcy of human physical sexual tension release take hold, with you ending up opening your Christmas box left wrapped so tightly this December.

I say be careful Jill, as your boy will find a way to blame you for destroying an otherwise perfect political breeding pattern if the stork should flap its wings. If this occurs and along comes number eight because of such a common display of ‘tension release bone marrow transplant’ you might want to look around the ‘homey base’ Jill. Search for the breast pump the Glam Queen thoughtlessly left behind after she came for your advice on the way to the office.

You people are a misaligned, misinformed, politically correct and derelict, media bred and wed political lump that truly does not know who you are and should never hold yourselves up as in any way normal for a pattern of leadership in our ‘homey lands’ nor in our Parliament.

Having said such, I guess my disgust with your mate’s conservatism and moral qualifications are becoming more apparent as I move along. I thought there was a ray of hope for Andrew at the start of 2018 when he kicked Senator Lynn Beyak from caucus for promoting the idea that indigenous Canadians are lazy. But this was just more PP Scheer posturing for position in the political Media urinal. He was only trying to somehow not be known as the ‘invisible man’ or be seen for what he truly is. Such urine did not cease, but we heard the shower increase with ludicrous claims by Andrew, Marshall or some other party hack.

Who did author these words from his mouth? “I think we’ve demonstrated that our front bench is a lot stronger than the Liberal front bench. We’ve got shadow ministers who could walk into the job tomorrow morning and that’s important. Canadians have to believe that not just myself, but the entire Conservative team is credible, competent and ready to govern, and is a good start to the year of 2018.”

“Credible, competent and ready to govern” are only illusionary propaganda shadows emitting from a spineless politically opportunist pup that ultimately will never survive the ‘chaotic political dog fight’ projecting itself upon the Canadian landscape.

Take your missing in action soul mate in hand Jill and provide him with the only ‘politically appropriate excuse’ he needs for a complete and absolute retreat from a fight he neither wants and evidence shows he knows he cannot win.

I never said Andrew was not a cleaver lad. Just that he is a deceiving, thieving corrupted self-serving man unfit to lead in Government. But as Geoff Currier said “Even Muhammad Ali knew that you can’t play rope a dope for 15 rounds. Sooner or later you have to come out and box.”

Well, your dope is hanging on the ropes Jill and he simply cannot ‘come out and box’ as events surrounding Mad Max Bernier have shown.

Give your blushing boy the politically acceptable excuse of ‘complete retirement from political office due to the personal needs of ‘family’. Pack him up, take your ‘politically generated brood’ and go back to Saskatchewan. Make certain that ‘mommy and the peanut butter cookies gang’ remain in Ottawa where they belong.

It must have been a combination of his pediatric nurse Momma Mary Scheer and newspaper librarian, Ottawa RC Archdiocese deacon father James that raised him to be the obvious moral mess he is today. I find it hard to believe that he could have possibly come to such standards on his own. But, then again his standards may also have been greatly impacted through being sandwiched between his sisters Catherine and Anne Marie in ‘Ottawa peanut butter cookie battles’.

I guess it does not really matter now, except you are being left holding his ‘empty bag of cookies. It is you that must brush the crumbs from his lips and try to raise him to no longer be the whining lad when he sees his bag is empty and rapidly disappearing. You are after all, the one supposedly in charge of ‘Yo Homey Land’.

Is not this part of the ‘supporting role’ you stated yourself to possess, claiming it as your right through marriage and a union that only death could part?

Give him the ‘political excuse of family need’ for absolute retreat. Everyone knows it is a lie. But it is standard acceptable procedure in the world of the man who wed and bred the prairie girl. Andrew will always ultimately position himself as a hack, so proceed carefully in the photo-ops that then follow Jill.

Take him aside somewhere Jill, remind him that this is a man’s world > and exactly where he will be without you. But, when you do it might be helpful to have some ‘peanut butter cookies’ at hand.


Face the facts Conservatives, Scheer has always been a political opportunist, he has proven to be a man of calculating self-advancement within your party ranks; but now his calculations are so misaligned with true conservatism that all he does portrays a man in throes of political desperation.

It has been stated “the biggest political blunder of the year, the one with real staying power is the Conservative party’s decision to choose Andrew Scheer as its leader.

With each passing day, it’s becoming clearer that Canada’s Official Opposition is led by a man who might have what it takes to rock a high school model Parliament, but little else. In federal politics, Scheer is a catastrophe — a gift to Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada and the most hapless and inept major party leader since Stéphane Dion vanished from the scene.”

The man making the statement, Alan Freeman, is just another spiritual moral moron on the Canadian media stage, but these words are true.

Scheer is a disaster and at the first indicators of being blocked in his political desires he runs for solace, displaying standard hack packaging.

Like a baby slopping tears and blowing snot bubbles from his nose, such was his reaction to the demand for change by Maxime Bernier at full exodus from the Canadian Conservative Party.

Peter Principle Scheer certainly was jumping around making himself an easy man to mock.

And, by the time he removed Maxime Bernier from his shadow cabinet Hamish certainly was dancing in the shadow trying to paint Bernier as the demon of the Conservative Party. Given Maxime’s known policy that would greatly remove corporate patronage funding from the CBC they were happy to comply. June 12,2018 – CBC>  Scheer removes Maxime Bernier from Tory front bench | CBC…   When you read it you will see it is replete with nothing but personal attacks on the man’s character.

This is more propaganda of ‘Snot Bubbles bursting’ on the scene of Bernier character assassination. > ctvnews  > Conservatives’ reaction typical of losers, Maxime Bernier says |…

Ludicrous statements and immensity of his opposition did not faze Mad Max. He simply branded the Conservatives reactions to his progressive claims for reform as what they were, the standard reactions of typical losers.

“Newly independent MP Maxime Bernier says the personal attacks on his character by his former Conservative colleagues are typical of losers.

In an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period, to be aired at 2:30 p.m. EST on Bell Media stations, Bernier says the party knows most conservatives agree with him.

“They know that and they don’t have the courage to do these reforms. They don’t have the courage to speak about that. And they cannot fight me on real issues,” Bernier said on the Evan Solomon Show.

“Now they’re going to personal attacks. It’s typical of a loser. The losers are doing that. They don’t want to have real debate.”

Scheer’s crew did not want to approach full debate of the relevant issues then and they still do not now.

Going from front bench, to back bench to his own bench has been repeatedly clarified as a process of continued efforts to get rational reform considerations into a Conservative party leadership that had gone 51% morally deaf.

The biggest whine out of Hamish Land came out of Scheer Snot Bubbles as “He’s going to split the vote”. 

Split the vote? Mad Max already had 49% of open Conservative support and daily results show the 51% are waking up rapidly to the fact that no one should be slipping their hand into the cookie jar if conservatism is to survive in Canada and chaos to be avoided.

Where will Bernier first find Scheer blowing more Snot Bubbles in 2019 as his own PPC bench continues to full conservative reform capacity?

Full capacity should not be very long as the most natural thing with Scheer has become to make a mockery of himself and the genuine conservative values lacking in his actions.

Hopefully we shall see a trail of snot bubbles emitting from the old mini-van he mockingly asked Trudeau to repair as he drives himself permanently back to Saskatchewan. That shall be a good day for Conservatism in Canada when Senor Snot Bubbles evaporates over the Political horizon.

Like I said, Andrew Scheer has made himself an easy man to mock.



The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself. The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mischievous madness. (Ecclesiastes 10:12-13)

Sticks and Stones

These are some of the names Andrew Scheer has brought upon himself: ‘Snot Bubbles Scheer, Senor Snot Bubbles, Mr. Compromise, Aw Shucks Scheer, Bozo Scheer, Bozo, Mr. Crap Yap, Bozo Junior, Mr. Blush, Red Nose, Peter Principle Scheer, Unhandy Andy, Harper with a smile, Chuckles, the Cookie Monster, Seagull Scheer, Harper lite, Harper with a smile, Randy Andy, King of Blunders, the Yapper, Grave Digger, Buster Blush and Leader of the Cons.  Unfortunately, in the run-up to the 2019 election the list will likely increase.

Trudeau probably has garnered more ‘negative monikers’ due to the deliberate political evil propelling his actions, but ‘Unhandy Andy’ appears to be the ‘King of Blunders’ in both name calling and media attacks that are such a large part of the political media scene.

When he entered the game of “Dueling Half-Wits” on the House of Commons floor he tried all kinds of ugly name attachments on Trudeau such as coward, terrorist sympathizer and criminal gang supporter. The names he called Trudeau were appropriate and naturally this tirade drew media attention.

“As you know Andrew Scheer and his Cons returned to Parliament determined to pound Justin Trudeau into submission by asking him the same question over and over again. And they were left looking like idiots.”

Scheer and his handlers appear incapable of functioning to any degree of success in employing the media tactics that their opposition has. It is to great degree social media that has empowered the very groups that Scheer courts and alienates simultaneously – the social conservatives in his ranks and various components of the Canadian media. Thus the Yapper is  making one and all look like idiots milling about him.

Perhaps Elizabeth May or the Kid from Redvers are surpassing in this simultaneous alienation of friend or foe but this remains to be seen. All three appear to be in great state of confusion concerning their own brands of identity politics underway and tread into each others hinterland adding additional layers of mental muck on already laden boots.

And the matter of sheer moral rot in all sectors of our social make-up cannot be set aside here. The poisoned apple of media itself displays too much rot at its inner core. And Scheer’s attacks upon media have proven once again to be serving up ‘half-baked pies’ for public consumption that leave the Conservatives with just another case of political indigestion. As pointed out prior, that has all been highly visible in his relationship with campaign chair Hamish Marshall.

But the murky waters surrounding Hamish also have an oily slick on their surface that have attached themselves to our Seagull Scheer in squawking over his share of Ottawa taxpayer fish.

In attacking media, Scheer had tried to inoculate the conservative party against being associated with any perceivable negative press and the Rebel was his chosen target. It was hoped that this would gain ‘brownie points’ with a large audience that displayed disgust with media in general and included those that feared invasion of extreme right political views into Canada.

But Scheer’s campaign manager Hamish Marshall was not only a long-time conservative organizer and former Harper aide he had also been a director of The Rebel News Website Network. Maclean’s at one point described the Rebel under Levant as one of the “world’s top purveyors of conspiracy and far-right bombast.”  And on the Rebel’s election night coverage in 2015, the website’s first foray into live broadcast, Hamish Marshall appeared as an election coverage analyst.

But, what currently makes the oil slick now emerging more dangerous for our Seagull Scheer is that Marshall’s ties to Levant go much further back.  As in this report, there have been renewed concerns about ‘policy ethics and possible contravention of election laws’ through similar events as surrounded Ethical Oil. The pro-oil sands website was founded by the Harper aide named Alykhan Velshi.

Support for the oil industry, opposition to carbon pricing, adversarial positioning to public media and scorn or little interest in climate change are all common themes with Scheer, Marshall and the Rebel gang. An interesting book has emerged surrounding this entire palm greasing business.

The Big Stall: How big oil and think tanks are blocking action on climate change in Canada by Donald Gutstein: In fall 2015, the newly elected Trudeau government endorsed the Paris Agreement and promised to tackle global warming. In 2016, it released a major report which set out a national energy strategy embracing clean growth, technological innovation and carbon pricing. Rather than putting in place tough measures to achieve the Paris targets, however, the government reframed global warming as a market opportunity for Canada’s clean technology sector.

The Big Stall traces the origins of the government’s climate change plan back to the energy sector itself — in particular Big Oil. It shows how, in the last fifteen years, Big Oil has infiltrated provincial and federal governments, academia, media and the non-profit sector to sway government and public opinion on the realities of climate change and what needs to be done about it.

The overall Conservative campaign is a mess due to characters like Hamish working for cash, perks and hidden benefits. Hamish had an agency called Go Nuclear Productions which did work for Ethical Oil. Marshall’s wife also worked for a time as spokesperson for the Ethical Oil Institute. The interests of the Oil Industry and Nuclear Industry are obviously at odds in terms of energy production so what was going on?

It is public news that Hamish was inspired by Levant’s book, Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands, published in 2011. So, were the man’s personal designs at play throughout all this as we see him next reincarnate Go Nuclear Productions as Torch Inc. Well, most torches require oil in some manner do they not? And all guns need to be oiled to fire smoothly, don’t they?

It appears to have become one all encompassing oily slick on the Conservative campaign waters that have simply left Seagull Scheer puking up his latest scraps for public consumption.

This is a part of what Maxime Bernier considers to be too corrupted to remain within the CCP and be able to make the necessary reforms to genuine conservative values. He has no intention of trying to raise the Titanic and refurbish it in any manner as tried prior. He is intent upon building an entirely new boat, salvaging only those timbers with absolutely no dry rot from what was once ‘genuine conservative beliefs and policy’. 

 We see Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has been forced to retreat somewhat from using a line of attack against the media as a ‘hook’ to reel in fish for his party, but even corrupted old-line support in all parties knows this is not going to work in ‘media strategy’.

This will be a real nasty election year for name calling and the two people that dread it the most are Trudeau and Scheer as they bring the rotten titular cries deservedly upon their own heads. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer shared his fear of such at a pre-campaign launch when he lamented to Conservatives: “It’s going to get worse, it’s going to get nasty.”

Of course, it is going to worsen as Scheer continues to blunder his way around the media in the company of the likes of Hamish Marshall. It seems obvious that party hacks do not remember the price paid for such company in the last election. One ‘good old boy’ does however and made the fact known last November 5th as to why the CCP appears to be trudging a guaranteed losers trail. Yaloslav Baran, the Communications Director under former Conservative Prime Minister Harper made this poignant comment surrounding Scheer’s comments and directions:

There could be some ‘immature muscle memory’ kicking around the office from the previous team.’

It seems apparent that the ‘immature muscle memory’ is wearing King Size boots.

How long will you permit your physical and financial security to be tromped into the mud of oblivion by inept political buffoons?

They will all be returning to the Hill in 2019 after a break from a House of Commons performance in 2018 that did not morally entitle the majority of them to any break at the tax payer expense.

In the past the carillon on Parliament Hill played the theme from the Muppets to herald the MPs return to their supposed work. >

They were mocked through the broadcast as politicians such as Scheer have reduced themselves to the status of children’s entertainers, no more than puppets under the lash of the party whips and pens of party hacks.

Someone needs to 24/7 keep the Muppets Broadcast blaring on the Hill until they wake up to this fact.

Oh yeah, almost let this slip past. An obvious addition to the list of nicknames Scheer is bringing upon the Conservatives as he continues to shoot himself in the foot is ‘Grave Digger’. Go ahead, feel free to add it to the employable list unhindered and attend the Conservative funeral.



“Harper may have been a committed conservative but he was also a pragmatist; Scheer is far more theologically driven and is now heavily in electoral debt to social conservatives.”

Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, Scientologists and every other critter of some spiritual persuasion does not have to scamper in fear of a spiritually driven Scheer trying to approach them.  You need not be very concerned about Scheer being ‘too theologically driven’, as his spiritual drive shaft is bent when it comes to the actual Word of God and he violates nearly every ‘moral position’ he piously postures as going to defend.

You need to concern yourselves more about him saying one thing to you, promising something else and simply doing nothing in an ongoing attempt to garner your vote.

Scheer was steeped in standard Roman Catholicism in his Ottawa upbringing and employed his active family life in the Church to his personal political advantage in every manner he could. He postured that his personal Catholic religious convictions were the reason he would defend all other spiritual practices as equal in privilege of protection.

This came to the fore at a time his Roman Catholic cohorts were bragging about his having been selected as the youngest man ever to be Speaker of the House, from 2011 to 2015. He had served as Deputy Speaker in the previous Parliament and Assistant Deputy Speaker from 2006-2008.  The Speaker only votes on issues in the event of a tie which makes it essentially a referee role. The only time one gets to publicly see the Speakers personal position in a policy issue is when they are essentially forced to do so by making a call.

“The Speaker’s job comes with a $233,000 annual salary, an historic residence in the Gatineau Hills, a chauffeured car, an apartment inside Centre Block, lots of opportunities for international travel and a sizable hospitality budget.”

I must assume that this was an inducement toward service for Scheer giving his ‘pad the expense account for cash’ mentality he has displayed. I must also assume that the ‘sizable hospitality budget’ must have somewhere planted visions of golden breast pumps in the Glam Queens brain. The Speakers office gave Scheer oversight of a budget of $441.6 million, the House of Commons staff and the services they provided. He was thus able to ‘referee’ a lot of calls on who got perks and which way patronage was going to flow.

“You shall take no gift: for the gift blinds the wise, and perverts the words of the righteous.  (Exodus 23:8)


 As Speaker of the House there is no substantial voting history to reference his full positioning on, and his dearth of policies released during the leadership campaign have not cleared the view of Scheer to any large degree. In fact, his policy statements have largely led to exposure of his only posturing pious qualities, not truly possessing them. Conservatives and Canadians in general remain swimming in a media sea of what Scheer’s true beliefs might be.

He remains a man of conjecture for most and a butt of jokes to the mainstream.

As Speaker, when a spat occurred surrounding his public display of being a Roman Catholic Scheer stated: “The last time it was a crime to be a Catholic was in 1827 in Nova Scotia when they repealed the penal laws.” “It is a shame that some people are trying again to make members of certain faith groups disqualified from public life.”

Surrounding his selection for Speaker and view of other MP’s Scheer told the House of Commons: “We may disagree fundamentally on issues and ideas, but we all do sincerely want Canada to be the best country it can be. I have come to appreciate that on a personal level with each and every member.”

The coyote crying religious intolerance, his professing the integrity of both fundamental friends and foes and knowing such ‘on a personal level with each and every member’ is but more hypocritical posturing crap of his yap.  (Oh, oh. Now we have the additions of ‘The Yapper’ and ‘Mr. Crap Yap’ to toss into the Media Moniker Pool.)

We are going to look at what Scheer supposedly represents morally through ‘religious convictions’ and some scriptural basis of Roman Catholicism which he postures as being representative of. 


Scheer claims himself to be pro-life in his personal convictions which are based in Roman Catholicism.

“I have always voted in favor of pro-life legislation. I voted according to my conscience every time. I spoke out when Henry Morgentaler received the Order of Canada and I was proud to support Molly’s law. That is an important piece of legislation and I’d like to see it before the House again.”

Molly’s Law, Bill C-225 * was brought forward by Cathay Wagantall surrounding the issue of the recognition of the status of fetal life when considering its demise through the death of a pregnant mother due to the action of murder. Essentially, should the alleged murderer be charged with one count of murder or two?  If passed it would have entailed the leveling of two charges of murder. It was resoundingly defeated 209 to 76 with the only support for it coming from within the Conservative ranks.


The commentary states: “Conservative leadership contenders Brad Trost and Andrew Scheer distinguished themselves by voting for a woman’s right to choose to carry her child to term; we honor these stalwart MP’s for placing human dignity and worth above his political aspirations. May God honor them for that.”

So, our man Scheer is distinguished and honorable in the minds of Christian pro-lifers for “placing human dignity and worth above his political aspirations.” But, events precedent and subsequent to this show the man places nothing above his political aspirations, and that includes the Word of God. 

In Toronto Nov. 17, 2018 Scheer addressed the annual Christians in the Middle East Benefit Dinner with these words: “The federal government’s requirement that churches and their agencies sign an attestation endorsing abortion as a human right before receiving summer job funding violates Canadian human rights in the same way Christian human rights have been violated throughout the Middle East.” 

A pretty emboldened comparison for Scheer considering the Christian human rights violations greatest in the Middle East have largely been comprised of the murderous actions of the followers of Islam. But it does make clear his view that endorsing abortion is the condoning of murder. Within his Roman Catholic world, it is considered a profound sin to endorse abortion or not to take action against it in whatever measures God has enabled them to. Scheer would appear here to simply be taking action against abortion as the newly chosen leader of the PPC. Scheer in essence was apparently at the time not prepared to be regarded as a sinner in the eyes of the Christian electorate or the eyes of God. Again, this has not proven to be the case.

The ultimate support of pro-life leadership contenders’ such as Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost greatly affected his narrow Party leadership win, as did the tireless party membership sales by the influential anti-abortion group Right Now.

The matter of the abortion issue in 2017 is reflected in the following article and remains essentially the same today. >

At the time we hear Trost and Lemieux suggesting ‘there be a re-examination of the abortion laws in Canada’. And Scheer on the campaign trail has stated intents of creating a “friendlier more welcoming Parliament for individual members to introduce legislation protecting pre-born human rights”.

As well, during the leadership campaign, Scheer stated, ‘I believe 100 per cent that members of Parliament have the right to bring forward and debate any legislation of importance to them.’

Social conservatives were greatly encouraged by this promise of a friendlier and more welcoming environment in Parliament for individual members to introduce legislation protecting pre-born human rights. And, like Harper, Scheer has tried to cash in on their full political usefulness.

Scheer has stamped himself “Christian” by voting against the Liberal gay marriage and transgender rights bill in 2016, but it is the abortion issue that protrudes as the thorn in his side. When the pro-lifers sold thousands of memberships on behalf of Trost and Lemieux that support ultimately went Scheer’s way and they expect him to deliver clearly on the side of being anti-abortion. In press release the pro-lifers As We Need a Law faction plainly stated their goal is nothing less than the ‘regulation of abortion in Canada’, specifically aimed at “protecting fetal interests at some stage of pregnancy.”

Our Yapper has once again shot himself in the foot. He has ramped up expectations that pro-life legislation can be introduced by MP’s; on the other hand, Mr. Compromise is firmly on the record declaring his party policy pledges that a Conservative government will not introduce legislation to revive the abortion debate in Canada.

What is this paragon of pious Roman Catholicism going to do? Make himself virtually unelectable in almost every major political market in Eastern Canada due to the entrenchment of political queers from Toronto and its Metro suburbs to the province of Quebec through opening debate surrounding abortion? Or, does he choose to strangle to death the last of the hardcore social conservative base the scraped him through to leadership by not upholding his word? They too are becoming increasingly disaffected with the man, and more especially since the demands for reform emerged through Maxime Bernier over the past year and a half.

The solution would be for this Scheer, the supposed man of honor who ‘places human dignity and worth above his political aspirations’ to simply adhere to what God states he must do, to practice what God says in how He addresses abortion. There is to be no debate surrounding abortion and if a true Christian Scheer would give a clear statement that abortion is murder in the eyes of God and he will in no way support murder. But he does not do so in spite of the Bible commandment that all matters spoken around murder are to be plainly a ‘yes or no’ circumstance.

But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation. (James 5:12)

The Bible never specifically addresses the issue of abortion by name. The Christian position is clearly given however, there are numerous teachings in Scripture that make it abundantly clear that God’s view of abortion is that it is an act of murder. Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that God knows us before He forms us in the womb. Psalm 139:13-16 speaks of God’s active role in our creation and formation in the womb. Exodus 21:22-25 prescribes the same penalty—death—for someone who causes the death of a baby in the womb as for someone who commits murder. This clearly indicates that God considers a baby in the womb to be as human as a full-grown adult. For the Christian, abortion is not a matter of a woman’s right to choose. It is a matter of the life or death of a human being made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-279:6).

And this article outright states abortion is murder in a manner that might even cut through the fog of our ‘Cheerful Cherub. >  Be warned, it does so in a fashion that too physically establishes their case as being true for many of a ‘sensitive disposition or squeamish stomach.

But the Conservatives under the leadership of Scheer have vowed no matter what they won’t reopen the debate surrounding abortion should he be elected Prime Minister. They have a stated  Conservative policy declaration to back up this fact: 65: “A Conservative government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.”

And right on its tail is item 66: “The Conservative Party will not support any legislation to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide.”

Sheer has no genuine fear of the Lord in any of the matters spoken to surrounding actions imposing unrighteous death upon the innocent as spoken in the Word. He tried once again to posture piously in the case of euthanasia and Canada’s prime abortion promoter ‘Dr. Death Henry Morgentaler’ receiving the Order of Canada in 2008. In his own sheer salience, we hear him state: “I took the lead on making sure the recent Euthanasia laws were tightened and restricted as much as possible to protect the vulnerable. We need to improve it to protect conscience rights for doctors and nurses so that no one would be forced to perform a procedure that was against their beliefs. We also need to ensure protection for young people and people who struggle with mental health issues. These are important measures that I will continue to provide leadership on.

Simply restrict it in some degree?  Simply legislate it so you can co-exist with it and not eliminate such actions of death as required by God? What are the worthwhile and morally just protections those struggling with mental health issues are to expect under such leadership?

There is no such compromise as Scheer exhibits in the nature or Word of God. To go against the decrees of the Lord in these matters of death is to make yourself an affront for open acceptance of evil he has declared such actions to be.

Scheer has no genuine love of God for the command given is to hate evil if you do, not to compromise with it. “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserves the souls of his saints; he delivers them out of the hand of the wicked. (Psalm 97:10)

Nor does Scheer demonstrate any fear of the God of Creation.  “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.” (Proverbs 8:13)

Scheer has said on the record that he won’t repeal the current government’s assisted death law. If you are not prepared to repeal the assisted death law you are in no manner prepared to enact anything that will define the fetus as God has chosen to do. It is in part for such reason I believe God consistently allows him to keep shooting himself in the foot.

How much longer will you let this hypocrites’ bullets pass through his foot and onward through yours?

Scheer sometimes appears good for his word on the surface to whatever group he is addressing, but beneath the surface he reeks of moral rot.

This same moral rot is what is evidenced in the ‘unity that has kept the CCP’ stumbling onward to encompass the political disaster it is today. The reforms it performs from within are the evidence of the Party destruction and I believe so heinous that Mad Max seen any more internal party efforts as useless.

The sickness of issues like same sex marriage and trans-sexual rights highlight this clearly if you look at them from a truly Christian perspective. But I am not concerned here whether you see from the Christian perspective. My concern is that you see the unveiled character of Andrew Scheer and why he is not qualified for leadership due to his ‘most basic nature and instinctual displays’. You need not concern yourself at this point about possible violation of Christian principals unless you are a Christian. Andrew Scheer through his posturing being Christian shows that he is not a man of true principles. He will violate anything that does not serve his own personal designs and desires, it does not matter if what is being violated is faith based or not.

In other words, he is a Duplicitous Dude with a morally squashed self-serving and nauseating fawning personality performance.

There have been volumes written as to how God views same-sex marriage and homosexuality in general. We are not going to rehash them. One verse is enough to sum it up: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.  (Leviticus 18:22)

And as to the trans people of every fashion think about this: “The woman shall not wear that which pertains unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.  (Deuteronomy 22:5) If the donning of inappropriate attire is so detestable with God, think about just how nauseating a stench it is to Him in your transiting to another sexuality physically.

There were  major policy changes at the Conservative convention in 2016, following which Scheer stated his belief Canadians had moved on from the same-sex marriage debate. This certainly is not so given all the media hub bub we have endured surrounding the matter since he made the statement.

We are going to briefly look at how the ‘major policy changes’ came about to brand the CCP as having become ‘too morally corrupt to be reformed’.

The Full-Blown Conservative Rot In 2016

Pouty Pon and Hapless Heap teamed up with Calgary MP Calgary–Nose Hill MP Michell Man Crapper Rempel to get a motion to change the CPC traditional policy definition of marriage onto the 2016 CCP platform floor for voting. It went thus went from a “union between one man and one woman” to the all inclusive socially destructive puss it oozes out today.

Ahead of the ashes of the disastrous 2015 election Natalie Pouty Pon, the 24-year-old accountant was sitting on the executive of the Edmonton West Conservative riding association working furiously. She was pressing onward with her personal childhood ambition to be “the best female Prime Minister Canada has ever had.” Fueling the fire was her ethnic Chinese background, hard core feminist beliefs and spiritual disease.

The ugliness of the 2015 campaign progressively added fuel to her anger. Like many of immigrant Chinese extraction she harbored resentments for the closeted prejudices against the fiscally prominent Chinese Canadians in Canada that she knew first hand.

Personally, her great-grandfather paid the Chinese Head Tax to immigrate to Canada, her grandfather had a Chinese restaurant in a small town in Alberta, saving every dollar he earned and put his four kids including her father through university. The ethnic Chinese orientation toward hard-work and monetary accumulation is the reason for claims she beds down with ‘fiscally minded conservatives’ and leans toward limiting roles for government. Perhaps being fiscally minded for her is responsibly creating, optimizing and maintaining a balanced budget and not limited to the mentality of pad the expense account as seen with Big Blue Boss.

But it is also her Chinese heritage rooted in the school of thought represented by Confucius with its contempt for women and proclamations of male superiority and female inferiority that have molded her mindsets with respect to sexuality. Confucius ranted that “Women and slaves like inferior men are hard to get along with, they get out of hand when befriended and they resent it when kept at a distance.” His loyal successor Mencius said women must do as men say and the wife must in no way act against the wishes of her husband. For certain, the Chinese one child policy which caused the mass aborting of females to wait for a male child to carry on the family name has affected her. This has impelled her to becoming a rabid feminist defining the 2015 election as “one fought solely on “fear,” says Pon, not without anger — “fear of what is different or of what you don’t understand.”

Pouty Pon was living out her own ethnic sexual identity crisis, fearing anything that defined the male-female relationship with such absoluteness as the traditional Conservative policy definition of marriage. She was in a fury to destroy it before the election took place in 2015 and failed. This only increased subsequent and was stoked higher when she met up with Hapless Heap.

Our Hapless Heap is an appalling character that only became aware of the traditional Conservative definition of marriage after the Trudeau slaughter of the Conservative sheep in 2015. As the 26-year-old riding association president for Fort McMurray–Cold Lake, the electrical engineer was jolted into action by professed ‘libertarian idealism’. He claimed the definition to be a restriction of personal freedom surrounding matters of choice and “fundamentally it’s a liberty issue for me.” Liberty for what Hapless? To continue publishing such features as this amid your favorite YouTube posts: > Ooh, what are you really trying to say Hapless?

Our pair states their first meeting was at Calgary where each was to attend the Alberta Congress, the Conservative party’s policy forum for Albertan members of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). They also claim that unbeknownst to each other, they had brought forward identical resolutions to kill the marriage plank at the Congress that was to be held that weekend.

Unabashedly I state their statements reek.

However, through their efforts the twin motions passed almost unanimously and they began daily pursuing their target of killing off traditional marriage. They cold-called Conservative MPs and leadership candidates, they hunted out supporters for the motion on Twitter and social media and planned strategies determined to suck the life blood out of the Canadian family. This pitted them against the Campaign Life Coalition >

The opposition did not stop The Twit Twins. Yep, it was Pouty Pon and Hapless Heap that co-sponsored the motion to permanently turn the CCP into the ‘queer endorsing edifice’ it joyfully embraced in attempts to chart a new route to victory.  The majority of the 2300 delegates gathered in Vancouver for the Tories’ biennial policy conference ultimately agreed with them, showing just how far the general spiritual rot was entrenched in the Canadian Conservative Party.

Here’s a brief video clip for you about the events and you can hear our Queer Dears state their self-perceived heroic stance. > 1:18  The Conservative party voted to delete the same sex marriage ban.

And, it was Calgary–Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel that championed their motion to get it onto the convention floor for voting promulgating: “When you look at Canadian pluralism, what unites us are our shared values, but we have to ensure equality among Canadians — every definition of that word.”

Shared values?

Rempel fully exposed her queer preferences for family inclusiveness telling party faithful about her beloved gay cousin:  “She is brilliant. She contributes to our country. And she’s gay,” Rempel said, her voice cracking. Our party is the party of equal rights. We are the party of equality and freedom, and it’s about time we passed this resolution.”

But it was Pon and Heap that flooded the room with friendlies to their cause that enabled Rempel to get it to the full party convention floor for voting.

In the end, Conservatives voted 279-143 to strike the traditional definition of marriage from party policy. Rempel, who considers herself a proud, Conservative feminist, was in tears when the final count was announced.

“I got emotional, right?” she told Maclean’s with a frustrated sigh. “It’s a thing we chicks do,” she added, sarcastically. “But if you’re flying across the country every week and you have 110,00 people who have given you this amazing privilege to go and be their voice, you should be passionate about it.”

But just how passionate is this Running Rempel the divorcee who ran herself in Calgary North in 2011 sometime after hubby vacated? Just what events most impacted the scrambled eggs of her life to hatch out the ‘emotionally driven things chicks do’ that she has displayed? How much of a full-blown Man Crapper had she become through the ‘emotional support’ of her voice cracking gay cousin? Rempel states her desire is to focus on “taking the Conservative lens and transposing it over the lens of being a woman.”

How many ways should Canada look for with Running Rempel pushing her gay feminist agenda?”

Our media prominent trio appear to be basically nothing more than just three more spiritually mixed up queer endorsing assassins that finalized the hijacking of traditional marriage within the Conservative Party.

Saskatoon MP Brad Trost warned that “The traditional family is the bedrock of society. You cannot have a functioning free-enterprise society without it.” He added that the Party would become nothing more than ‘liberal-lite’ and “what’s the point of having another Liberal party?”

He was right and there is no point continuing to double the mess of the Trudeau government through what transpires with Scheer and the diversity that interim Party leader Rona Ambrose espoused at the 2016 convention. She reminded party faithful that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals didn’t have a lock on diversity, bragging that ‘the first Muslim MP and the first Pakistani senators’ were Conservatives and that “This weekend, we will start to write the next chapter of our story.”

What is her next chapter? More entrenchment of Islamists with the same sharia laden desires as those that Trudeau has assured would advance his desires in our nation? For certain the Ambrose designation of next chapter found its voice in 2016 with the Muslim voice rising up that Conservatives had to do more to protect their rights.

Islam was trying to strengthen its positioning within the Conservative ranks, to amass control of this sector the same way it had done through Trudeau in 2015. A 47-year-old Muslim delegate working in Brampton MP Kyle Seeback’s by the name of Urz Heer had been dispatched for such purposes. >

In an emotional debate “it was Urz Heer who made the more lasting impressing on the room. She broke down as she assailed the party for its strategy. “The last election campaign was a disaster. I’m also a Muslim and the campaign targeted us, unfairly,” she said, her voice shaking with emotion. “This party worked actively and aggressively against my people.” When some delegates fired back that it did not, Heer doubled down: “It did,” she insisted. “It did.” “This country belongs to everyone, including me. For the first time I felt that I didn’t belong here, and this is my country. It’s unfair. It was unfair to my people.”

The ploy was effective with Rosa Ambrose, the feminists and every Conservative kafir in the room. Islam would be championed by them. But marriage equality was still seen as the essential first step to creating a more open, more welcoming and more deeply branded gay Canada. It was used to fully kick off the strategy of the gay alliance to emerge through the confused Big Blue Boss that bubbled up through their sexuality sewer leadership selection in 2017.

Back in 2016 the average Canadians didn’t care much about party rules, regulations and what entrenchment of Policies through Parliamentary Bills truly entailed. But the hard-core interest groups on all sides of the fence did and were determined to overhaul the Conservative party constitution to their full advantage in centralizing power-grabs.

What has changed is that the pain endured through a blind emotional embrace of Trudeau in 2015 and current social economic woes has shattered the general public lethargy to the degree that all political hacks are truly feeling the heat.

Now, our Islam Oozing Urz was correct in feeling “that I didn’t belong here” for the fact is she doesn’t. This country does not belong to everyone, it is not her country and there certainly is no unfairness to her people in stating it in no manner belongs to any follower of Islam. The followers of Islam have the stated dedicated purpose of the institution of sharia in every nation they enter.

This was the dedicated purpose of Urz that entered the policy debate in 2016 that arrogantly thought it had won the next stage of entrenchment as kafir fools and sexual tools erupted in the victory from their ‘politically correct debates’.

Scheer Claims as speaker he established himself as a defender of free speech and debate. That through his record as The Speaker he displayed the authenticity of his convictions. As a leadership candidate he stated:

“I believe 100% that Members of Parliament have the right to bring forward and debate any legislation of importance to them. Debate is invaluable in a healthy democracy. I’m not just saying it, I’m the only leadership candidate that has proven that by my actions. As Speaker of the House, I issued a ruling which upheld MP Mark Warawa’s right to speak on sex-selective abortion when the Whip attempted to prevent him. I ruled that an MP’s right to speak did not come from their party or leader, but was their democratic right. I will absolutely continue that practice as Leader and Prime Minister. Moreover, I have committed that all votes on matters of conscience will be free votes.”

But in April 2013 what actually took place “is that Andrew Scheer determined that in a specific case, Conservative MP Mark Warawa’s privileges were not violated in March when his own party blocked him from speaking about sex-selection abortion in the Commons. He said there was no evidence that Warawa had been “systematically prevented” from speaking in the chamber.

But he said Warawa may have a “legitimate concern” about whether MPs are getting “equitable distribution” in speaking, and said it was his job as Speaker to ensure fairness.

Scheer told MPs that in future, if they want to say something in the House, they don’t necessarily need to go through their party whip.”

Scheer stated he will continue to be guided by lists that party whips give him that provide a heads-up of which MP’s are due to take to their feet and make a statement.

But he stressed that he will not be tied to the lists completely. Indeed, he promised that if MP’s not on the lists want to speak, they can rise on their own, catch Scheer’s attention in the chair, and ask to be allowed to speak.”

Scheer wanted one and all to need his permission to speak or debate then and remains of the same attitude now. Scheer has arbitrarily assured the pot heads he won’t roll back the Liberals’ new marijuana legislation and declared that he has no plans to try and re-open debates surrounding abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage or trans-gender rights. What Trudeau has implanted he will be making certain is left unhindered.

But the most bizarre thing about Scheer’s approach to our social issues is the fact that he thinks Canadians don’t care what his Conservatives believe — as long as they have the good taste to shut up about it. He told the Globe that even though he holds socially conservative beliefs, he will never officially discuss any of these issues in Parliament if the Tories get back into government.”

“I’ve made it very clear that I won’t reopen those issues. And my position hasn’t changed. My job is to make sure our caucus and our movement is united. That means not bringing up divisive issues that would divide even our own party.”

Scheer simply will not face up to or look for solutions to the problems facing our Nation. He has vowed not to, but perhaps he just might change his mind having proven to be the ‘unprincipled bastard that he is’.

But Is Scheer a Closet Racist?

No. Scheer is not a racist. But he is so damn stupid in his scramble for ‘electoral positioning’ that he doesn’t appear to even know who he is being buddied up with for photo-ops. But he is not a racist. He just appears stupid. > Andrew Scheer’s team distances itself from anti-immigration group…

In June 2018 Catherine Major, the Conservative party’s Quebec press secretary and Rivière-du-Nord riding president Hugues Bonneau appeared just as stupid when one and all were caught up in Conservative associations with the radical political group le Meute. The Big Blue Leader had his picture taken at a gathering of the self-styled anti-Islamist and anti-multiculturalism group.

When the issue blew our characters tried to dodge the truth about themselves. Catherine Major first gave pretense of innocence stating that she was only friends on Facebook with Mr. Bonneau in his political capacity and that his political online profile has nothing to do with La Meute. But the Facebook group had been set up for fans of La Meute in the nationalist Saguenay region which was part of the Chicoutimi-Le Fjord riding and Scheer was there to ramp up Federal Conservative support for 2019 through speaking precedent to the by-election that was underway.

And Bonneau’s political profile has everything to do with him. She is undoubtedly very stupid claiming not knowing even one of the le Meute figures that attended. She must also be legally blind in pretense that she would not have recognized the insignia on the attire the characters were wearing. It was extremely well known through the media and also highly popular with many Quebecois Conservatives in both civilian and military capacities. Yet she happily had ‘chuckles’ escorted into photo-ops with the Wolf Pack and thinks she can proclaim innocence?

When the fiasco surfaced, she was ultimately left with no way out and she demanded the resignation of Rivière-du-Nord riding president Hugues Bonneau that had brought the pack scampering through her doors. “Our positions are clear. We don’t accept this, we condemn any racism. So those people can do what they want but we don’t agree with this.”

But, her positioning does not in any manner stamp Scheer as a racist, only stupid through blind association.

And, “in his post, made from a personal Facebook account, Mr. Bonneau specifies that he acts as an electoral district president in his civilian capacity and not as a “wolf.” Say duh boys and girls, say duh! The stupidity of such statement will not even warrant serious comment.

When demanded to resign, the civilian Hughes Bonneau of le Meute Clan 15 surrendered a political party office, not a civilian office. Naturally, he refused to offer any comment why when requested.

By the way, in the by-election, Conservative candidate Richard Martel stole away the riding from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. I guess this will likely reinforce Conservative Party hacks it is best to leave Scheer just as stupid as he appears.

But all this still doesn’t brand Scheer as a racist. Just stupid in, by and through associations.

But political hacks have shown great determination in trying to brand the Conservative Party Poster Boy Family Man as a true racist.

The Party had already determined the best hope for any serious mileage with Scheer would be to present him and his family as the model for Canadians to follow. “The party is working on policies they say are more reflective of everyday Canadians than the Liberal path, and presenting a leader with a family more representative of them too.”

Brand Scheer, with the family’s daily activities was already being chronicled on the party’s social media accounts. The ‘Jack and Jill of Conservative Political Hopes’, the pair merrily learning to ‘move past old fights and make it easy to say sorry’, the pair so knowledgeable and intimate with one another that they would ‘finish each other’s sentences, teasing each other to the point of blushing over parenting pitfalls’ are somewhat a case of double duh. But they are not and never conceivable to my knowledge guilty of being racist.

But, as the following report shows there were clearly attempts to tie Scheer and many major Conservatives party members into being racist. When you read it take note that our Running Rempel comes popping up in the article. Read it and you decide who is at fault and how. >   Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Defends Heckler … -…

Personally, I do not see what is reported brands Scheer as undoubtedly being a racist. I believe it simply presses the branding iron more heavily into a mark already emblematic of Scheer stupidity.

Perhaps Scheer is more stupid than even members of his Party suspect? Does he even comprehend what some of his key campaign buddies may actually be up to?

Maybe all CPP party members should question just how astute his Campaign Chairman really is? Perhaps Marshall is still actually working for the office Scheer knew him to be in when he was selected for the job. You must remember the Marshall Rat Rebel Roots go back a long way.

In the next link ‘Creepy Con Leader’ Andrew Scheer is deemed guilty of leading a tainted leadership race, but he was correct in stating that the race ‘was going to get worse’ with more negatives floating to the surface. The linked post itself proves the veracity of his statement. The presence of the post is evidence that things were getting worse. If they were’t we would never have been confronted by the posting. Now to Racists and cons >  Andrew Scheer And The Corruption Of The Cons

We have looked at the reality of Andrew Scheer’s spiritual camouflage giving a ‘heads-up’ horn blast. It leaves grass roots social conservatives in desperate need of a leader who actually lives out the values he espouses rather than simply paying lip service to them.

Scheer is incapable of halting the political chaos Canada is falling into and forcing us further into social climates no one truly desires.

I guess in all Andrews misapplied lip service he has earned the additional moniker of ‘Captain Chapstick’.



Former Harper cabinet minister Monte Solberg told Maclean’s that climate change is the most important policy issue facing the party and country.  But, what would Solberg know since he is a former evangelical Reformer?

Surrounding climate change the smell certainly is remaining the same amid the polecats and the skunks.

Polecats >

The polecat is a weasel-like Eurasian mammal with mainly dark brown fur and a darker mask across the eyes, noted for ejecting a fetid fluid when threatened.

This migrant must have hidden in the luggage of Climate Barbie or one of the 126 “necessary people” in her entourage she carried along to the United Nations Global Warming Conference in the city of Katowice, Poland.

All of this action on the part of the Odious Environment Minister at taxpayers’ expense has raised another fetid stench in the Liberal camp.

The color of the polecat is the reason I know he must have hidden motionless in the entourage luggage as his fetid stench would never disclose him in their midst.

And this fellow definitely was a Conservative bred European varmint on his way to assist Big Blue Boss Scheer in his time of great political need. You can tell he is conservative by the blue tinge to his fur.

In the Scheer Camp he does not need to remain motionless due to aroma or fearing color detection. He can mill around to his hearts content amid his North American cousins, the skunks!

The Rebel Media host Sheila Gunn Reid has a particular disgust for phoniness of the Climate Barbie Crew and the ‘freedom of speech killing antics’ of the Trudeau government. A staunch ‘grass roots conservative girl’ she does not try to avoid expressing such sentiments towards both Provincial and Federal elements when it is necessary. She simply despises what is fake and perceptible as corrupt to the best of her knowledge.

You can view her Rebel Gunn report of the recent Global Climate Change Conference at > 6:23

From the Gunner: “You’d think people who hate fossil fuels so much would jet around the world a little less. But that’s what they don’t tell you about these global warming conferences — they’re fake. You’ve heard about fake news, right? Well these UN global warming conferences invented it.

I spent a week there, documenting all the fake news, all the hypocrisy, and all the very fancy people living the high life at the public expense:

There were 1,541 journalists accredited by the UN to cover the conference. But McKenna instructed the UN to refuse to accredit me — specifically because I asked questions that she didn’t like. The UN actually told me that in their official rejection letter — McKenna’s entourage demanded I be banned.

Obviously, that didn’t stop me from going to Poland and filing more than a dozen video reports — you can see them all here.”

There will be no long debates presented here on the validity of the arguments surrounding ‘climate change’ in its myriad components. Our concern remains the moral validity of the major Canadian political characters pressing their arguments.

And according to the Toronto Sun, ‘from start to finish both Trudeau and Scheer are spouting nonsense and both need to be more honest.’

As to climate change in the 2019 federal election, the choice Canadians face between the Liberals and Conservatives is bleak according to Lorrie Goldstein. I agree.

Why? If anyone should have a ‘warrantable view’ on personal climate change it should be Lorrie. He is an adamant journalist as events have shown. He has proven tenacious in looking for truth.

On January 21, 2018 Goldstein had a ‘heart attack’. By February 24, 2018 he published the reality of the experience >

By July 4, 2018 he had published the Sun Article > Goldstein: Trudeau and Scheer talking nonsense on climate change…

Gunn and Goldstein have definitely been eating the same brand of rolled oats long enough to discern the ‘synthetic and genetically modified brands’ that are responsible for ‘fake news’. It would be of benefit to the West and Eastern unity of the nation and media world betterment in general if they were to do a National TV broadcast presenting their views. This is especially so now that the specter of the Western Provinces separation has been prodded to raise its head.

From his July 4, 2018 report we hear Lorrie Goldstein state:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a plan that won’t work and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer doesn’t have a plan.

It would be more honest for Trudeau to admit that his carbon pricing plan is mostly symbolic, based on the argument it’s better to do something rather than nothing, and that it will not meet his commitments to the UN.

It would be more honest for Scheer to either admit the Conservatives don’t believe man-made climate change is real, in which case Canadians shouldn’t be financially penalized for it, or that it is real but the cost of fighting it is too high, when the rest of the world hasn’t bought in.

Instead, Trudeau and Scheer are spouting nonsense.”

Lorrie quite flatly states the major problem we face is the dishonesty of the leadership of both sides.

And, I must state: ‘Good for you Mr. Goldstein, may you press onward with renewed strength and vigor in 2019”.

Both Trudeau and Scheer are creating a polluted political ocean of discontent in Canada through their bipartisan self-serving designs. And it has shown worsening in their matters surrounding immigration.

Does the political climate change with Scheer? Yes, and it can only worsen if his influence is not quickly removed in the run-up to the 2019 election.



Craig Damian Smith says that ‘Andrew Scheer and Maxime Bernier, while now leading rival parties, have the common need of courting far-right support on the migrant-immigration issues.

And, Daniel Stockemer from the University of Ottawa says that scapegoating migrants pays off at the ballot box but results in policies with negative economic, social and security outcomes.

Many persons believe that it is xenophobia or islamophobia that is the cause of false opinions and false news that fosters crises. Such sources tout that Canadians’ strong opinions surrounding immigration and migrants are based on feelings rather than facts. This is garbage can rhetoric.

But crises do exist and crises do demand action. And such actions need to be proactive and not reactive such as simple Liberal cabinet shuffling and appointment of supposedly tough guy Bill Blair as Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction. This is simply reactive posturing and they might just as well given B.B. King the post for nothing of any merit will emerge with Bill Blair. This is just another case of Trudeau’s prime philosophical stance surrounding the Canadian populace: “If you can’t baffle them with brains, baffle them with bullshit’!

And, Conservatives under Scheer simply will not be spared when it comes to being baffled by bullshit as he continues turning on the pumps full force to spread his own particular color of Blue cure.

And statements made by Michelle ‘Running’ Rempel, now the Conservative Party of Canada’s immigration critic, calling on the Liberals to declare the entire Canada-U.S. border an official point of entry — a measure that would close a perceived loophole in the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement is whacko.

This is the standard whine around the border agreement in place. “The Safe Third Country Agreement means that if they do try and cross at a regular land border … they will be sent back to the United States, where we know many will face detention and deportation without a fair process.”

The judgment of US immigration policy and its measures of due and fair process are utilized as a political football for special interest groups to attain their own designs.

Under the agreement permitting legal entry only at designated points critics say too many making an asylum claim at the border are turned back to the United States. It is because of the agreement and processing time they say asylum seekers cross illegally into Canada in order to file claims.

How would declaring the entire border a legal point of entry speed up the process of claims for people prepared to act illegally no matter what? And, who needs people admitted to the country that are already prepared to break our laws if we do not meet their desired terms of entry?

Running Rempel is running her mouth with as about much foresight as that employed by Catherine Major which she added le Meute to the ‘guest list’ for photo time with Chuckles.

When Maxime Bernier made his break from the Conservative Party in favour of forming an intellectually and morally authentic right-wing party, his tweets surrounding the extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity blanketing Canadian politics were true. And both of these ‘ideological miscreants’ are pushing the recognizably greatest threat to Canada which are the matters of immigrants and migrants. 

This has been brought once again to the fore, attempting to jolt some sanity back into the country through postings and videos surrounding The QUIGGIN REPORT.

Tom Quiggin‘is a former military intelligence officer and current court-qualified expert on terrorism. He has created a meticulous and extremely credible body of research that reaches deep into the world of scams that use Canadian taxpayer money to both directly and indirectly finance terrorist operations. His work is chilling as he alleges that such operations have proceeded beyond private manipulation to include support from Government of Canada agencies and personalities. The allegations are truly monumental and speak not only to the fraudulent use of taxpayer funds but also to the compromising of national security Accordingly, Mr. Quiggin has petitioned the RCMP to investigate his considered allegations in light of relevant Criminal Code of Canada provisions.’

His background in terrorism and international policing is far more extensive then what is in the brief statement made.

And you can locate his letter and research publications on many matters surrounding terrorism and immigration at >

The entirety of immigration, migrants, terrorists and government corrupt mishandling of the same bubbled to the surface just pre-Christmas 2018 with the antics of the Muslim Killer Omar Khadr. The ingrate was trying to get bail conditions altered and a Canadian passport.

Khadr was trying once again to manipulate the system so he could regain his ability to move about more freely to carry on the terrorist activities that made him the young hero amid the detainees at Guantanamo Bay.  Omar Khdar > 5:49

The Rebel was quick to refresh the truth about this animal. Americas top forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner details what a threat this man remains to National Security due to his Islamic extremism and devotion to sharia.  > 8:03

The ISIS poster boy had his request to rabidly roam denied >

Justice June Ross denied Omar Khadr’s request for relaxed bail conditions and a Canadian passport. She said that nothing has changed since the last time Khadr asked for eased bail conditions and there’s no evidence the current restrictions create hardship or are needlessly strict.

“The passage of another year has changed neither Mr. Khadr’s legal status nor my view of the law,” Ross said in Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench. “The evidence does not indicate a current hardship arising from bail conditions.”

It is a wise decision she made as one thing certainly has changed. The matter surrounding the issue of Omar Khadr, and if he again receives Trudeau Islamic assistance support is the matter that has changed from coast to coast. The fury in Canadians over the corrupt handling of Omar Khadr by that Trudeau pack if continued is the straw that shall break the camels back of Canadian tolerance and patience.

If Omar Khadr and his legal cronies are not brought to true legal accounting soon, the lack of action shall be the spark to ignite the violence, blood and chaos in our streets that Trudeau, Globalists and Islamists all desire. It will be the action that allows them to instill their own brand of anarchy.

During the time-frame of the Omar play through the Court the Trudeau crew knew that immigration was going to be the central issue heading into 2019 campaign. Trudeau started lashing out immediately at the Conservatives as being the cause of potential immigration problems, problems he claimed to be non-existent. >

But as Menzies of the Rebel brought to the front on Trudeau, immigrants and migrants was ‘the devil in the details’ of what the Trudeau’s UN compliances was bringing upon us. Devilish details >

Trudeau’s handlers have known for some time their Islamic-globalist agenda had the potential for blowing up on their own camp. As a result, at this same time of Khadr, Global Compacts and naughty media they had their man in checkered socks announce he plans to amend the Parliament of Canada Act.

Justin Trudeau says his government hopes to make legal changes that will cement his transformation of the Senate into a more independent, non-partisan chamber, making it harder for a future prime minister to turn back the clock. >

This ‘Policy Cementing Disguise’ to attempt securing what he had already implemented in behalf of Islam is totally unnecessary with the Scheer Conservatives for Big Blue Boss had already stated he would not be opening up such ‘divisive issues’.

Our Harper with Dimples has social media madness, calling out for any followers he can possibly get. That is why he stated back in July 2017: “My message is that the Conservative Party is an inclusive party, that welcomes the contributions of people of the Muslim faith, and I’m glad that they make up our cultural fabric.” — Andrew Scheer > July 2017

But as far back as > June 29, 2015 – Two years prior I had sent him and every other major Conservative player the posting – Don’t Swallow Khadr Ka-Ka Canada.

But our Scheer continues to desperately call out for followers no matter who or what they may represent. He is just ecstatic to get any response at all. >

So, who is to the right and the only one left standing of a once genuine corruption free Conservative party, one that can bring some sanity of leadership and a perceivable end to the terrorism threatening the nation?

There certainly not anyone in the NDP, Green or ‘outer limits lump’ that can provide the leadership and force necessary to eliminate the threats to National security now looming.

We are faced with the simple fact that only Maxime Bernier appears to be able to prevent us from slipping into further chaos.



The longer Scheer tries to hang on the worse it shall get. Whatever stimulus, satisfaction or spiritually perverted release he might get hanging on , it will only leave him lamenting like a dehydrated, dried up old man that the Thrill is Gone > 11:58

Will Scheer somehow come clear and ‘receive special treatment’ from younger men that will leave him genuinely thanking them from a heart somehow cleansed? There can be a ‘real human element’ for positive change when people come together, but it does not take place in the framework that Scheer now boxes himself within or the BB King blues brigade.

The special treatment that Scheer needs is for some younger men to lead him into a genuine personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At the start of this year on January 5, 2018 in the Globe and Mail reporter John Ibbitsen declared  > Scheer is going nowhere if he continues as Mr. Enigma – The Globe…

And Mr. Enigma with his party whips, hacks, half-wits and imported strategists have proven the Ibbitsen statement true. They seem to be cursed in their attempts to garner favorable image of themselves. Things just don’t work out to their desired effect as Ibbitsen has portrayed as the Beyak fiasco: “Senator Lynn Beyak is manna from heaven for Liberal strategists and their allies who seek to portray the Conservative Party as racist, sexist and homophobic.

In the dead of night, Thursday, the Conservative Party released a statement saying Ms. Beyak had been expelled from the caucus for posting racist comments from correspondents on her website.

The Conservatives had stripped the senator of roles and responsibilities, after she gave a speech in March, 2017, praising what she called the “abundance of good” that took place in residential schools.

The speech, however controversial, was not racist. But as is often the case, the senator took comfort in those who supported her, including some whose views were vile. For posting those views on her website, she earned her expulsion.”

Over time has the clown show antics of Scheer earned him the title of “Bozo Junior” as he wanders the political landscape seemingly lost somewhere under the big tent of corrupted Federal politics? He truly does not appear to have an overall plan to move the Nation forward in the manners that appear to be required.

Trudeau just travels in checkered socks from one serious foot in mouth moment to another, but it appears Scheer has checkered socks wadded continuously in his mouth.

Justin Trudeau is somebody who at least has a plan as despicable as it may be and he surrounds himself with people who can actually get his dirty deeds accomplished.  Scheer doesn’t even have that and I think we need to thank God that he doesn’t. The body politic does not need two supreme Trudeau assholes to carry on defecating all over us.

It is stated that Canadians who traditionally voted Conservative voted Liberal in the last election because they didn’t see any difference.

And critics also claim Andrew Scheer is a Donald Trump wannabe with the only difference being he knows how to put a complete sentence together. Not so. You might not like Trump’s direction but he has one, while Andrew Scheer is unfit to lead because he has no direction that does not lead into further drain upon the public purse.

What do I dislike about Andrew Scheer? Obviously, quite a bit. But uppermost is that the nation does not need leadership under anyone who is so inept he has drawn the names upon himself he does. I pray there soon is no more necessity for adding to the list.

Canada deserves much better than the Scheer ascribed below.

‘Snot Bubbles Scheer, Mr. Compromise, Aw Shucks Scheer, Bozo Scheer, Mr. Blush, Red Nose, Peter Principle Scheer, Harper with a Smile, Chuckles, Harper Without the Richard Nixon Vibe, The Cookie Monster, Seagull Scheer, Harper Lite, Leader of the Cons, Creepy Con Leader, Cheerful Cherub, Bland Man, Big Blue Boss, Unprincipled Bastard, Unhandy Andy, Bozo Junior, Captain Chapstick, Duplicitous Dude, Stephen Harper with Dimples and a few others.

As stated, I pray necessity does not add more to his list as time appears no friend of Scheer.



Scheer is simply going to be Maxed Out through common sense approaches to political matters.  His ignorance in political problem solving is a crime against rational approaches to ending many of our current problems. He has been in full pursuit of political power for securing his own base of well-being.

But he is not to my understanding driven in such manner to be deliberately seeking the destruction of our nation and thus deserving prison time. That privilege has rightfully been reserved for himself by Justin Trudeau.

In wrapping up this Scheer package I feel a sense of disgust, pity and somewhat compassionate toward the poor bastard for his own self-victimization. Similar I guess to that I have toward the Kid from Redvers. I pray for his coming to true spiritual enlightenment and a right relationship with Jesus Christ who he knows only in name and not relationship. He cannot remain within the Papal bondages of his ‘peanut butter heritage’ and know true peace upon this earth and for certain will remove himself from such eternally if he does not change.

So, I wish him the best spiritually, but politically he needs to brought to dramatic halt.

This is about as neutral a biography of the Brand Scheer Career I have found. Read it and think about the negative light I have had to cast this man’s shadow in. > Andrew Scheer | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Trudeau must go now from the political landscape. We have matured enough to recognize such fact.

Have we also matured enough to recognize that Sheer is not the man for the job? If Scheer does not exit willingly, he will to large degree remain both symbolic and realistically a roadblock to ensuring speedy dispatch of Trudeau in absolute defeat.

CCP you need to stop trying to get a Scheer pitch to Millennial voters that will appeal to them and recognize his ‘social media moments’ are at best cringe-worthy and need to stop.

With the ‘leadership time now under his belt’ and his performance display he shall continue to fail miserably in dealing with the Liberals and he will for certain be ground to a tepid mush in the barnstorm crush of Bernier from coast to coast. All the evidence is backing up this claim for the S in Scheer simply stands for stagnation.  

There is no more time for a Conservative journey into Scheer fantasy land where the clouds of corruption billow high and hinder seeing our Nation truly a North strong and free.

Why not let the Conservative movement in Canada now become what is was envisioned to be?

Bernier has grasped onto the roots of conservativism for his own cherished life and is reaching out a hand to you. Do whatever you desire.

Meanwhile, back on October 11, 2018 Bernier announced that “Yesterday was another historic day in Canadian politics. – I filed the paperwork and the signatures with Elections Canada to officially register the People’s Party.” 

Then, October 18, 2018 in a News Letter Mad Max was raising policy issues, stating that “under the Trudeau Liberals, more and more of our country’s policies are being determined not in the interest of Canadians, but in the interests of foreign countries and international organizations”.  He cited such things as “under the Paris Agreement, the Liberals are literally sending billions of dollars to developing countries to help fund climate change policies”. And he presented realistic facts, not alt-right conjectures.

On October 25, 2018 Max gave a Heads up on pollution and carbon tax, showing the futility of name changes.  “This week, Justin Trudeau unveiled what he calls his ‘pollution pricing system.’ This is the Liberals’ new marketing ploy to make their carbon tax sound more acceptable. Trudeau knows that everyone is against pollution. And he knows that most Canadians don’t want to pay more taxes and don’t believe a new tax is going to have any effect on global climate change. So instead of calling it a carbon tax, as it’s been referred to for years, it’s now officially a “pollution pricing system.”
It won’t do anything to reduce real pollution. All it will do is force you to pay more to drive your car, heat your home, and buy all kinds of products and services. But astonishingly, Trudeau claims it will make you richer.”


Little needs to be spoken about Bernier and the media. Maxime has no problem with addressing the political issues underway whether it be questions from big or small media sources.

Here is a small sample to exemplify.

The CBC September 14, 2018 Power and Politics – Vassy Kapelos > 10:26

CPAC September 17, 2018 – Prime Time Politics – Peter Van Dusen > 9:34

CPAC November 6, 2018 – Prime Time Politics – Peter Van Dusen >

TVO – September 24, 2018 – ‘The Agenda’ -Steve Paikin >

Press For Truth – September 27, 2018 – Independent medias Dan Dicks >

Post Media November 28, 2018- Winnipeg Sun -Scott Billeck  >  Man of The People : Bernier promises big change for Canadian politics

Global News -November 30, 2018 – Jackie Wilson >  Maxime Bernier claims People’s Party of Canada true conservative choice

Certainly, Bernier has no need to plead to media, seek them out or try to manipulate them in some covert manner. Anything to do with Maxime Bernier versus Snot Bubbles Scheer concerning Media is as simple as Freedom versus Incarceration. Whether with individual interviewers or the inquiring minds at party rallies you get the same straight forward messages from Bernier.

This was once again evidenced on November 28, 2018 at a Winnipeg Rally > You can watch his Winnipeg speech here.  And like the man present in the Winnipeg photo Duetime Akhidime said that day: he considers Bernier to be a breath of fresh air because he always speaks his mind”.

Respecting Party growth and popularity, Bernier based reality was already summed up by November. On November 1,2018 it was announced that in six weeks time the Peoples Party had grown to 31,500 members and Maxime Bernier was having Founding Members Certificates Issued.

And from the inception of Scheer’s greatest nightmare Bernier had a massive support rising up amid common Canadians. In the 87 days from launching his Party, until time of his “Power Lunch” on November 8,2018 we know his party had raised $435,000 that was all non-tax receptible donations in amounts of 5, 10, 25 dollars. As Max stated: “Yes, its all small donations”.

Bernier has continued to reach his stated goals and it is simply due to the popularity of what he stands for and how he is taking his stand. It was thus on December 21, 2018 Bernier announced “After only three months, the People’s Party of Canada has achieved its goal of setting up Electoral District Associations in every region of the country!”

Bernier has stated that the months of January to May are those within which the Peoples Party will be looking to field truly qualified candidates within every electoral district in the Nation. It certainly looks as if 2018 has proven the people of Canada are quite capable of completing such a task.

And rest assured their preference for Bernier shall continue to grow due to the four founding principles of his party. Why, because none of the founding principles of Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Respect and Fairness . And these principles are proven the inherent longing of unfettered souls.

We have seen the Barrage of Bernier in the media simply continued onwards in December through his Global Compact Stance and the UN’s Global Compact on Migration stressing how dangerous they were. The first contains basically a concerted measure to manipulate our media and limit our freedom of speech. The second is determined to facilitate mass migrations, give equal rights and access to our social services to all migrants, and manipulate our media to prevent criticism of anything related to these migrants.
Bernier was the first politician in Ottawa to raise the alarm on this Global Compact and even sponsored a petition about it. You can sign it here

As with many issues the People’s Party and Bernier have already taken the lead. He will continue to do so through the organizational structure swelling up under him.

Perhaps the CBC Can Simply FLEE      

The CBC is proving an increasing threat to our democracy as part of the erosion of a responsible and independent press which has been regarded as a cornerstone of a free society.

The CBC is nearly 100% dependent upon tax-payer funding. The Canadian government must cease the subsidizing of unfair competition from CBC/Radio-Canada with the private media on TV, radio, and the web. Instead of doing this the Liberals have attempted to ensure that all the country’s media will become dependent on government to some extent. On November 22, 2018 they did this when announcing a $600 million media bailout package for those they deem dealing with their government in ‘appropriate manners’. Simply put, reporting in manners favorable to them and the policies they propose.

Max Bernier has made it crystal clear he will not tolerate such rot as this.

He has also made it crystal clear he does not believe in corporate welfare. On November 14, 2018 Maxime pledged to defund the CBC – The Rebel Toronto Rally >

Max has personally experienced the CBC attempts to castigate him and smear his reputation for quite some time. Whether against himself or another such actions can infuriate him to action. He will not let such injustice go unanswered and such was the occurrence when Wendy Mesley – CBC ‘The Weekly’ tried to hatchet him on-air. 

After the CBC interview aired , Maxime Bernier’s Twitter account angrily called Mesley out for her ‘smear job.’ Mesley fabricated a twisted story about a libertarian conspiracy funded by US billionaires and tried to imply that Maxime had somehow violated Canadian electoral laws.

This was simply a CBC ‘hit jobas was pointed out by Bryton Cherrier on September 24, 2018. Cherrier ran for the B.C. Libertarian Party in the 2017 provincial election. His aim was to get out the party’s message of maximum personal freedom and minimal personal taxes.  >

As another Facebook participant has stated: “Mesley clearly has an agenda going into the interview to link him to ‘American billionaires’ and the racist right wing nutjobs. Max seemed initially baffled by her line of questioning and then got his bearing once he realized what game was afoot. It’s sad that the CBC condones and participates in this type of journalism, but for now I will lay the blame solely on the interviewer. If, however, the CBC starts regularly referring to Max’s party as a ‘fringe right wing party’ or some such lazy and biased term, I will be less generous in my assessment.”

Way to go Facebook Fella, but relax and remember that the affable, friendly and generally positive Bernier can when necessary effectively compare the ludicrous with what they are. Such was the case when he named leadership challenger Kellie Leitch a “karaoke version of Donald Trump”.

However, the CBC needs a ‘dog whistle’ to start calling in their tax eating ‘bitch patrols’. Canadians are fed up with the lesbian misogynist pack of howlers gnawing the flesh of the normal Canadian family down to the bone. It is best they should start to flee now. Just as Cherrier stated in disgust – “the CBC is complete bogus garbage”.

I think he is 90% correct and I think Bernier will help us dispose of the rotted bulk.

It is obvious I am going to vote Bernier in 2019 as the best man running to complete such a job. But as I stated, I am no political hack so I had to ask myself some hard questions before I accepted the fact.

I will  be giving you a full report on Bernier with facts 80% of his candidates do not know about him under – MY BIG QUESTIONS

You can decide for yourself if he is not the best man to lead our Nation at this time.