Contents: Chapter Nine – “Travis Patron – A Queer Topic?”

247        Confirmed Concern by Someone

248        Conjecture – Hypothesis – Theory – Fact

251         Hypothesis # 1 – A Flaming Homosexual

251         Is It Penis Envy Pavo?

252         The Weenie Theory of Castration Anxiety

255         Hypocrisy Surrounding Homosexuality

257         Hypothesis #2 – A Bit-Coin Conman

257         The Murky World of Queer Money

261         The Sympathy Bid Story of The Poor Widow

265         Gerald Cotten Is Not Unique Amid Branded Liars

268         The Murky World of Cryptocurrency

271         The Fraudulent Founder Claim of Travis Patron

274         No Recognized Accreditation

274         From Nationalist to Globalist

275         Hypothesis #3 – A Hypocritical Charity Fraudster

277         CNP Party Donation a Prosecuting Offence



Confirmed Concern by Someone

Chapter Eight was posted on January 23, 2019 in which I pointed out that once again Travis Patron’s interactions with the University of Toronto had established his mental instability requiring medical attention. I went on to recommend medical facilities at which he could garner help and requested that perhaps someone might have enough compassion to aid him in such need.

On January 25,2019 I again checked his web site News and found his posting of January 7 requesting a meeting room at the University and their response of January 16 denying him had been taken down. No longer would you be able to read his claim that he would punish the University when he formed the next government.

Such flight, escape or attempts to avoid the reality of his actions are somewhat typical of a person entrapped in the delusions that Travis Patron is.

I will be drawing all writing surrounding Travis Patron to a fairly quick closure and thus make a final request that someone assist him in the intake necessary to his mental and physical well being.

What I now speak about Travis Patron is not Conjecture and has progressed beyond a Hypothesis, but is in essence at least Theory. Your understanding of the difference in these three states of debate will perhaps jolt you into assisting him while he still indwells the flesh. 

Patron is seated on the teeter-totter of suicide with his multiple demons and Satan is poised to command his minions soon jump off.  When Patron’s end fully crashes to bottom, he will eternally be submerged in the lake of fire on which there is no life boat of return.   “And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire: Where their worm dies not, and the fire is not quenched. (Mark 9:47-48)


Conjecture – Hypothesis – Theory – Fact

Conjecture and hypothesis are closely linked by the fact that neither one is statement that provides the grounds or evidence sufficient and reliable enough to be considered an actual truth.

You make a conjecture when you state something you are not sure about and have guessed or surmised your thoughts without any real proof or sufficient evidence to back your statement up. You are in essence speculating about a matter, you are not lying about a matter by making a statement you know with certainty is not true.

However, the problem with repeating a particular conjecture with some degree of frequency is that with such familiarity many persons come to assume the conjecture is factual. If the conjecture has a particular negative aspect to it, the results can be very damaging to the party being referred to whether it be an individual or corporate entity.

The degree of damage always escalates with the intent of the one making the conjectures. It is thus false news or attack ads can prove to be so damaging in our political processes and in some instances must be curtailed.

The key factor about conjectures is that they are not statements being made to start a process of investigation, and this is the separating line between them and a hypothesis.

A hypothesis is an assumption, an idea that is proposed for the sake of argument so that it can be tested to see if it might logically be true. It is a proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation or to assert the statement as being highly probable in the light of what might be facts.  It’s normally an assumption or suggestion made strictly with the objective of testing the statement as to potential of fact. It is a starting point of debate or discussion.

For example, we shall be putting forth these hypotheses:

#1 – Travis Patron is a flamer, a faggot, a closet queer smoking in the darkness of hypocritical deceit.

#2 – Travis Patron is a murky Bitcoin Conman seeking financial gain.

#3 – Travis Patron is a hypocritical charity fraudster.

The dividing line between a hypothesis and a theory is data that has been attained in the discussion process surrounding a hypothesis that has been put forth.

 The Difference Between Hypothesis and Theory

A theory in contrast to a hypothesis is a believed principle that has been formed as an attempt to explain things that have already been substantiated to some degree by testing and collection of data. The labeling of hypothesis data package collections is attached by people within the scientific community to such things as the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution. Because of the Scientific Method of experimentation and control, it is generally accepted that theories are much more likely to be true than are a hypothesis. This acceptance is hard-core amid the scientific community, when in fact it should not be given such reality, for many of their ideological frameworks labeled theory are not in fact truthful. 

With the Scientific Method a theory is supposed to be a system of explanation that ties together a whole bunch of facts. The theory is not only supposed to be able to explain the facts that are tied together, but it is also supposed to be a system of explanation by which you can predict what you should find from other observations and experiments.

The science crew lays claim that their theories form the basis of their Scientific Method Reasoning, that they test them and that they hold up. Thus, when the content of science curricula in schools is challenged, we end up with many mad scientists, particularly when one states the fact that evolution is a theory, it is not a fact, regarding the origin of living things.

Some theories have great credence, having moved from the realm of theory into the realm of law, such as the ‘law of gravity’ has shown itself to do over a period of time. But of the major scientific theories that have been thrust forth, the theory of gravity transiting to the Law of Gravity is the exception and not the rule of thumb. Thus, we have the theory of evolution and not the Law of Evolution. And, we have the Freudian theories of sexual development and not the Freudian Law of Sexual Development.

When moving into the area of philosophy we have Rene Descartes theory surrounding proof of existence – ‘Il cogito ergo sum’ – which is extremely flawed and no where near a Law Proving Ones’ Own Existence.

The entire arena of theoretic ramblings of philosophers, be they social, scientific, spiritual or political has been well defined. “Philosophy is the science of opinions.” And we know we have to travel a long way from the opinions, our conjectures that provided the basis for our hypothesis surrounding Travis Patron. We have to start testing for facts that we may find in the displays the man has and continues to make. We have to use all tools at hand in doing so to the extent of fully employing the theory of Scientific Method Reasoning to get our task done, knowing that the theory employed is not the Law.  I state this caution as necessary due the fact that Travis Patron cannot afford to have a flawed ‘report’ in any manner given the precarious nature of his mental state. And it is fact that hypothesis and theory are both prone to being wrongly interpreted even when they are encountered in scientific contexts. As such, read this brief report about four effects of flawed scientific research. >  Is Scientific Research Flawed? | Answers in Genesis       

And, pay heed to what God has stated with regard to relying heavily upon science in any fashion:

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babbling, and oppositions of science falsely so called.” (1 Timothy 6:20)

Thus, saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from the LORD.  (Jeremiah 17:5)

I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.  (Jeremiah 17:10) 

I believe we have enough definition contexts to start laying our conjectures to rest.


Hypothesis # One – Travis Patron is a flamer, a faggot, a closet queer smoking in the darkness of hypocritical deceit.Is It Penis Envy Pavo?

Is it possible that Travis Patron is a closet queer? Perhaps there was a dirty uncle lurking around the back door of his life? Was he rolling around on the wrong side of the haystacks with little boys growing up in Redvers? Or, did he always lose in the who can pee the farthest contests with the girls? Maybe he just sucked on too much of that frozen yellow snow his momma told him to leave alone?

There has to be some logical reason for his queer behavior, his anxieties, classic displays of inferiority and compensatory behavior patterns.

Why are he and buddy leaning intimately toward each other in the manner shown above with Travis so proud of his position? You are looking at the picture from the audience which actually places Travis standing on the right and buddy on his left. Further, Travis is positioned just slightly behind buddy boy while maintaining contact.

So what? Well, this is the traditional photo standing formation of a bride and groom, derived from the potential necessity of the groom to defend his newly gotten prize. Potential necessity of defence and such positioning evolved from the days of old when it was necessary for a groom to easily access his sword and defend the marriage ceremony taking place. This usually was because he had just kidnapped his bride and there was a fairly high chance of a sword fight erupting.

Given the homosexual patterns of viscous promiscuity this might account for the posture we see in the photo. It might also give reason for the piercing confrontational look on the face of buddy. Also, Travis is right handed and traditionally the sword would be on his left hip. In the light of such symbolism it is possible that Travis has hidden his sexual leanings and desires to be stationed permanently on the backside of buddy before this time. That is, hidden his flaming permanency desires from amid his associate mob of like-minded queer dears, for to this time of writing I do not think he has publicly come out of the closet for the general voting public.

It does look however that this could be a ‘coming out together photo of Travis and bride’ for a sick sexual mob that indwells his intimate circle of associates.

In Chapters precedent we have proven the man certifiably insane, but this modicum of hypothesis investigative data hasn’t fully nailed down what sent Travis over the bank of sanity with a dead rat in his mouth.

The cause might somehow all be simply attributable to his just being another fear filled faggot, trying to escape being flushed out of the bushes on the back forty of Saskatchewan with his pants down and mud on his knees. But, this bit of data does not comprise claiming it to be either theory or fact that Travis Patron is a flamer, a faggot, a closet queer smoldering in the darkness of his hypocritical deceit. We need to look for more data.

The Weenie Theory of Castration Anxiety

Some psychologists postulate that men with small weenies often exhibit similar symptoms of what Sigmund Freud termed ‘penis envy’ amid the females of our species. He stated that during the female psycho-sexual development a stage occurred in which young girls experienced great anxiety upon realization that they did not have a penis. For Freud it was a transition stage toward mature female sexuality and their ultimate gender identity.

In Freudian theory, the female’s penis envy stage begins the transition from an attachment to the mother to competition with the mother for the attention, recognition and affection of the father.

Freud stated there was a parallel reaction amid males when a young boy discovered girls did not have a weenie. He called this castration anxiety. Could such anxiety have played a serious role in chasing Patron over the bank of sanity with a dead rat in his mouth?

Sigmund Freud is the Jewish Austrian neurologist that was born Sigismund Schlomo Freud on May 6, 1856. Old Schlomo bit the dust on 23 September 23, 1939 and is notable for having founded psychoanalysis, a clinical method for treating psychopathology through evoking dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst. 

Freud’s clinical method for treating psychopathology is in overall decline as a diagnostic and clinical practice. But psychoanalysis remains until today highly influential within the fields  of modern psychologypsychiatry, and psychotherapy, and in broad spectrum across the humanities. There is however great debate as to both its scientific status and any genuine ability to achieve positive therapeutic results.

One of Sigmund Freud‘s earliest psychoanalytic theories surrounds the psychology of castration anxiety  which Schlomo considered to be a Universal Human Experience. Such anxiety is an overwhelming fear of damage to the genitals and loss of its sexual functions.

Freud postulated that castration anxiety was experienced in different ways by the sexes, but with the male it culminated in fear of loss of the penis. Freud theorized that such anxiety triggered between the ages of 3 to 5 years due to a child fearing damage being done to their genitalia by the parent of the same sex. For a boy it made him fear that his father was going to punish him for sexual feelings toward his mother.

Freud claimed there were five age stages of psycho-sexual development of which castration anxiety comprised stage three, the phallic stage

“In the Phallic stage of psychosexual development, a boy’s decisive experience is the Oedipus complex describing his son–father competition for sexual possession of mother.

Despite mother being the parent who primarily gratifies the child’s desires, the child begins forming a discrete sexual identity — “boy”, “girl” — that alters the dynamics of the parent and child relationship; the parents become the focus of infantile libidinal energy. The boy focuses his libido (sexual desire) upon his mother, and focuses jealousy and emotional rivalry against his father — because it is he who sleeps with the mother. To facilitate uniting him with the mother, the boy’s id wants to kill his father (as did Oedipus), but the ego, pragmatically based upon the reality principle, knows that his father is the stronger of the two males competing to psychosexually possess the one female. Nonetheless, the fearful boy remains ambivalent about his father’s place in the family, which is manifested as fear of castration by the physically greater father; the fear is an irrational, subconscious manifestation of the infantile Id.”

And this is a fear, when impacted with other negative relationships in the child’s life can lead to feelings of inferiority, low self esteem, defensive or compensatory behavior and men that treat women with contempt.

An unresolved fixation in the phallic stage through the repression of memories, emotional impulses, and ideas from the conscious mind can lead directly to the confused mental condition we find Patron in today.

It is also highly probable that sexual identity conflicts expressed during this phallic stage are a major reason for Patron coming so strongly under the domination of white supremacism and Nazis ideology that he manifests. Some significant male or males in his life have led him to incorporate into his ego the personality characteristics of the same-sex parent to diminish his castration anxiety. This process of identification with the personality likeness of his father(s) figure provided his ego with a false sense of security from his believed father’s wrath as a rival for his mother sexually. And, an ugly world of messy personality fixations occurred through this that manifested later in his life, that were left unresolved and resulted in an unhealthy self-destructive personality we today call the Kid from Redvers.

But four other stages of Freudian psycho sexual development have added their flavor to the mental mess we see Patron to be. The Freudian five stages are: (i) the oral, (ii) the anal, (iii) the phallic, (iv) the latent, and (v) the genital; and all are held to impact the human sex drive.

Libido is a person’s overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. Libido is influenced biologically by primary sex hormones testosterone and dopamine acting upon a cell’s nucleus. The human sex drive is further structured by social components such as work, family and internal psychological factors such as traumatic personality development and stress.

Lifestyle and relationship issues unresolved during puberty are found to be extremely destructive to the development of a socially healthy sex drive and it is during this stage that Patron and his media associates were most deeply immersed in their computerized worlds of sexual deviancy and pornographic imagery. The result we have seen in the story surrounding Jean Francois Gariepy.

What should have been normal sexual desires transferred through interaction with his parents was replaced by the interactions with computerized aggressive role model deviance and alignment with same sex friends involved in similar electronic pursuits. This placed Patron in a battleground from trying to adapt to a world of reality to swimming in a pool of complex feelings like shame, guilt and disgust. It is in this morass that Patron started to exhibit the more serious results of what Freud termed infantile amnesia which is the repression of the child’s earliest traumatic, overly sexual or evil memories.

The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan has emphasized the importance of Oedipal problems for an individuals’ development and states that unsuccessful resolution of it is the most likely cause for inability to come to terms with symbolic relations such as the law and expectations of society. In most extreme cases of failure—where there is no opposition for the child’s access to his mother and vice versa—the result is the perversion of incest.

All of this showed itself in Travis having problems with adjusting to belonging to childhood groups and ultimately rebelling against authority as expressed in his cries for ‘leaderless resistance’ in desperate need for self-control through dominance leadership in the political sphere. It would appear it also triggered potential for emerging as a ‘closeted queer’ as depicted in wedding photo formation.

In our search for data it is also seen that during Schlomos oral stage there are negative impacts that can result in infantile oral craving manifesting as an obsession with oral stimulation through a maladaptive oral fixation. Psychologically negative maladaptation’s manifest as psycho-sadistic personalities such as that of Gariepy, through to the gregariousness of Alex van Hamme and lip chewing of Travis Patron. In such an orally-fixated world the maladaptive sexual practices of fellatioanalingus and irrumatio are common place.

According to Freud, the anus is the primary erogenous zone and pleasure is derived from controlling bladder and bowel movement during the anal stage of development. A maladaptive fixation at at this stage can result in a personality that is too rigid or one that is too disordered as has been observed with Patron.

Maladaptive fixations on psychosexual levels hampers the development of normal sexual relationships. And while oral, anal, and genital sexual maladaptive fixations can occur as distinct stages they can also occur simultaneously with the individual stuck in such circumstance indefinitely. The full-blown manifestation of homosexuality may occur at any point in life if during the phallic stage the child was unconsciously attracted to the same-sex parent or drawn to them through the Oedipus process. So, we have the Nazi and Oedipus factors that put forth data that Travis Patron is a flamer, a faggot, a closet queer smoldering in the darkness of his hypocritical deceit. We shall continue to look for more data.


Hypocrisy Surrounding Homosexuality

Patron presents an ambiguous picture when it comes to homosexuality and this clearly marks him as a hypocrite if data continues to confirm him the closet queer as done thus far.

In one of his first recorded statements he was challenged by media as to his position on same sex marriage and homosexuality and stated his absolute opposition to both. Then in the following video he prepared for his Party he states that he has no problem with their alternative lifestyles and will leave it a referendum to decide if they should be awarded a marriage certificate.

Travis bounces from being dead set against homosexuality, that the government should not normalize the lifestyle to stating it as being only a taxpayer problem because pride parades are funded at Government expense. In his bare back cowboy hat the Kid from Redvers states “Lets Defund Pride Parades”- 2:36 >

So, we have a mix of data from our stated hypothesis. But, does this data position us to allowance of moving the hypothesis into the realm of theory? And if it does, what will the theory stated allow us to predict our findings will be in other studies?

How are we to state the theory? Would this suffice – The Theory of Evolutionary Partonic Mal-Adaptive Homosexual Practices? I suppose it has as much credence as calling Darwin’s hypothesis the Theory of Evolution. And, as being able to predict results to come from similar studies, I believe it is quite certain that you will run into people like Travis Patron the flamer, the faggot, the closet queer smoldering in the darkness of his hypocritical deceit.

But I think it is totally improbable that such characters will believe themselves qualified to be the next Prime Minister, that they are going to form the next government and they will punish anyone that doesn’t rent them a room for a totally dysfunctional rally. You would have to be more than simply a hiding out closet queer to believe such as that. And this is not a theory, it is an absolute fact no matter the data display. You would in layman’s’ terms have to simply be nuttier than a fruitcake whether you were a fruit or not. This is why Travis Patron remains in need of your intake assistance.

I was moving onward with Hypothesis #2 when I had fairly immediate verification of the preceding statement I had penned and dropped back to insert it here. I received the ‘out of his smoldering flames message’ from Travis Patron you read below. If you have followed what has transpired with the man throughout the discourse from beginning of this book, you should certainly grasp the desperate spiritual and psychological state the Kid from Redvers remains within. But, does anyone actually care?

Travis Patron Thu, Feb 7, 2:44 PM


I’m looking through the stack of membership declarations for our registration application before we submit it to Elections Canada and I do not see anything submitted by you.

Should we be expecting a declaration from you or no?

Travis Patron

Can you believe the state of maladaptive dysfunctionalism this man is engulfed in? If I am not successful, due to the grace of God, in aiding him to a semblance of functional reality then only permanent residence in a mental health facility or suicide awaits him.




The Murky World of Queer Money

Bitcoin is an ever-increasing problematic investor fraud that has birthed in the ‘digital world of finance’. Lately we have seen how terrorists, thieves, black mailers, kidnappers and con-men have rushed in to use it as the ‘currency of choice’ to achieve their ends.

We are going to give you three video examples to exemplify the hype and subterfuge of this supposed ‘industry of bitcoin mining’. With industry being defined as economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories, I hope that what follows helps protect you from the murky men of the bitcoin world. 

Starting on April 8, 2018 we go “somewhere high up in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia where there’s a massive Bitcoin mining farm mining coins 24/7 on an industrial scale! DMG Blockchain Solutions went all in when it comes to bitcoin mining and their 27,000 square foot facility is pumping out coins faster than you can say Satoshi! * In this exclusive video Dan Dicks of Press for Truth gets the inside scoop on this secretive bitcoin mining farm while speaking with it’s operator Sheldon Bennett about his facility and the ins and outs of bitcoin mining on an industrial scale.” Press for Truth >

* The satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin cryptocurrency disease being faced today. It is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the protocol used in block chains and the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

This is media bitcoin propaganda crap by Dan Dicks to promote the Bitcoin Blockchain computer technologies that are operating on a massive scale in many areas of the world. Dicks starts out his report by lying as there is nothing secretive about the computer bank center located in Castlegar, nor the location of DMG Blockchain Solutions corporate offices in Vancouver.

Our big Fat Cat Sheldon Bennett puts forth a lot of hype about blockchain technology and bitcoin comprising the future of the internet in its development. In simplistic definition blockchain technology is a computer program that creates a digital ledger system for storing information that allows for encryption processes for virtual currency like Bitcoin. Blockchain technologies are the digital ledgers that record bitcoin transactions.

For a basic understandable explanation of this electronic mining process go to > Blockchain Definition | Investopedia (

What you hear repetitively from four-year blockchain veteran Sheldon is how blockchain will ensure security of electronic transactions, that it will be employed by all banking interests and will allow for new ways of building trust between these banking interests. For Fat Cat Sheldon blockchain technology is all about security, laws, regulations and trust in what DMG Blockchain Solutions is doing.

But what is Sheldon really doing in his encryption world? What are the bulk of these characters like that have floated to the surface of the Bitcoin mining scum? Are the people that invest their money in such men as Bennett and their activities like DMG Blockchain Solutions lunatics?

What you find out is that the average bitcoin investor is young, rich and male – CNN  and that Bitcoin’s biggest backers are Millennial men who live in cities and make more than $75,000 a year.

This survey report was done by CLOVR and its co-founder Mike Cribari said he was a bit surprised that eagerness to make a fast buck was the top reason for buying bitcoin. The survey’s results also show that the primary reason people invest in cryptocurrencies is the possibility of a huge return — not because they necessary think digital currencies are the future of money. In other words, people view bitcoin much like internet stocks in the late 1990s or marijuana stocks today: simply a highly speculative investment.

At the baseline it is human greed that allows the conmen in the murky world of Bitcoin to carry on the fraudulent activities they do. 

February 3, 2019 we experienced the rush of true insecurity for greedy Bitcoin investors > 

Only one year older than DMG Blockchain Solutions and also BC based, QuadrigaCX was one of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges when it filed for protection from its creditors January 31 in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

But this took place only after many months of financial and legal troubles due to bad or deliberate mismanagement by Gerald Cotton and problematic exchange transaction delays. It does not look like the blockchain technology that Sheldon Bennett was bragging on some ten months precedent to the QuadrigaCX complete parachute did any good for the Bitcoin investors affected.

If 30-year-old founder Gerald Cotten hadn’t suddenly bit the dust in India in December 2018, how long would the principals of QuadrigaCX carried forward in their scam?

Cotten was/is nothing more than a cherubic internet pocket gopher stuffing his own fat face with Bitcoin as a pathway to a fast buck with huge returns. Massive sums of real money used to purchase virtual currency ‘poofed into hyperspace’ along with this creep.  According to court documents, there are 92,000 or so users to which QuadrigaCX owes more than $260 million in cash and cryptocurrency. In affidavits filed by Cotton’s widow Jennifer Robertson on behalf of the company, QuadrigaCX has 363,000 registered users and owes a total of 250 million Canadian dollars to 115,000 affected users. Fortunately, it is mainly the greedy that got burnt.

It was people like Xitong Zou, now living in the Greater Toronto Area, whose greed jeopardized his life savings of $420,000 US through trying to avoid paying banking fees in transferring it into Canadian currency. He thought he could do so through QuadrigaCX and bitcoin maneuvers with disastrous results. He is fighting legally to recover any of it. 

In January of 2018, the CIBC froze $26-million-worth of assets after finding irregularities with payment processing. An Ontario Superior Court of Justice has stated that $67-million worth of transactions ended up improperly transferred into the personal account of Costodian Inc, the payment processor. The Justice stated that “the CIBC has not been able to determine to what extent the depositors, Costodian, Reyes, Quadriga and/or Billerfy Labs Inc. are entitled to the disputed funds.” So, under what is known as an “interpleader order” the Justice had the money paid into the Court until the justice system could decide where it should go.

Costodian Inc and Jose Reyes

In its 2017 dealing with the transaction deposits of QuadrigaCX the CIBC could not determine who the money actually belonged to and had started investigating. They found that money from 465 deposits was being held in accounts belonging to the exchange’s payment processor Costodian Inc. and in personal accounts of its owner Jose Reyes.

As a result, the CIBC froze Costodian’s two accounts and the three personal accounts of the company’s sole director and officer, Jose Reyes, after discovering he transferred approximately $2.3 million from one of its small business accounts to his personal accounts.

How does a greedy clients money end up remaining lodged in the account of a bitcoin exchange’s payment processor? What gives the owner of the ‘payment process service’ the right to place any client’s money in his personal account? Just what makes a thief like Jose Reyes think he can escape justice for such obvious illegal actions?

When users buy cryptocurrencies through QuadrigaCX’s platform they are required to send money to the company through one of several channels, such as a bank draft, a wire or Interact e-transfer. Once the money is received, QuadrigaCX is supposed to credit the depositor’s account with Quadriga Bucks, which are units that can be used to buy cryptocurrencies.

But amid the hundreds of thousands of transfers it was discovered that 465 deposits by client-users were never transacted, that Jose Reyes was holding these deposits for his own purposes. It was from amid such funds and transactions like this that he herded the money into his personal accounts.

If a user wishes to withdraw their funds invested through bitcoin and the QuadrigaCX transfer system they have options that include an electronic funds transfer, a bank wire or a gift card. Depending on which method is chosen, some of the requests for return of funds will then processed by Billerfy Labs Inc. which is another company owned by Mr. Reyes. This Billerfy Labs Inc. is simply more presence of the fox guarding the hen house.

From court documents it is known that the CIBC had received calls from several QuadrigaCX clients that their requests for wire recall refunds were being ignored or stalled. This is what stimulated the CIBC investigation. 


 Who truly is the morally decrepit Jesse Reyes?

That’s not him in the photo. This is an even more despicable character named Michael Patryn described as a mysterious and tough-minded mogul in the blockchain technology conman’s murky world of deceptions.

He is the founder and Chairman of Fintech Ventures Group that funded QuadrigaCX and was an adviser of Cotten, working with him until a fight split them in 2016.  Perhaps a fight did not split them. Do not think that Patryn and Cotten are incapable of devising a plot to span over five years and see it through to conclusion when sums like 250 million dollars are concerned and scheduled to vanish with no means of recovery.

The man is shady with claimed linkages to money laundering personages.  He is also believed part of a criminal mafia mob and supposedly has been to jailed for carding theft, ID theft and Ponzi schemes. The rumors abound, but you will find a couple interesting ties to the man in these articles > Rumors Claim QuadrigaCX Exchange ($190M Theft) Was Operated By…   > Clear link between Micheal Patryn and Omar Dhanani

* CNW | Fintech Ventures Group, Led By Michael Patryn, Expands…

The cryptocurrency world abounds with morally decrepit characters like Patryn, Bennett, Cotten, Jose Reyes, Nazmin Dhanani and Travis Patron. By September 6, 2018 such murky turkeys were gobbling up Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in every manner their computers would allow them.  A thief’s entitlement mentality extends from owners, to CEO’s to their general employees when it comes to cryptocurrency.  >  B.C. executive accused of taking millions in cryptocurrency from former employer      

As we see, Jason Bradley Arnold while CEO of simply wanted a big chunk of the bitcoin pie he saw everyone else eating away at.

“A Vancouver-area marketing company is accusing a former executive of taking off with up to $7 million in cryptocurrency and then saying it was lost when his computer “died.”

Last month, a B.C. Supreme Court justice ordered Jason Bradley Arnold, the former chief operating officer of Shair.Com Global Digital Services Ltd., to hand over his company laptop — broken or not — and all information about the digital wallets that hold the missing money.

“Given the nature of digital currencies and difficulty in tracking ownership of digital wallets, I am satisfied that there is a reasonable apprehension that the currencies may be transferred outside of the jurisdiction,” Justice Ronald Skolrood wrote in an August 2,2019 ruling, posted online this week.”

The court documents in this case will increase your understanding of some of the standard tactics employed by the murky marauders of the bitcoin world. Dysfunctional computers, lost computers and irretrievable wallet keys are commonplace measures taken to hide digital theft.

Back in January 18, 2018 CBC Investigates did an expose titled > Cryptocurrency exchange swamped by ‘madness’ of cybercash craze   Too much of the story resonates of the same lullaby from Lotus Land as that of Cotten with an exception being that it first appears Cotten had no large visible company force on hand when he took a powder in India.

But when it comes to the story-line of QuadrigaCX and the lost wallet keys too much simply does not balance to accept it at face value.


The sympathy bid story of the poor widow Jennifer Robertson reeks to high heaven.

Ernst and Young is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and is one of the ” Big Four ” accounting firms with 250,000 employees in over 700 offices in around 150 countries in the world. They were assigned as monitor by the Court in the QuadrigaCX affair. In a report precedent to Court filing actions by the grieving widow Ernst and Young presented their views surrounding QuadrigaCX.

“Gerald Cotten ran QuadrigaCX in a very hands-on style, conducting much of the company’s operations from QuadrigaCX’s monitor. He had a significant amount of institutional knowledge about its trading business, but with Mr. Cotten’s passing QuadrigaCX did not have the proper governance to manage the business.”

And the grieving widow jumped to reinforced the imagery of Cotten being the singular person responsible for the monetary loss of QuadrigaCX due to his work habits, not because he intentionally did anything wrong. 

She painted a picture of being left to sort out her noble husbands’ affairs after his untimely death from Crohn’s disease while volunteering at an orphanage in India. As executor of Cotten’s estate and owner of 43 per cent of the company’s shares, Robertson filed a petition in civil court in B.C. on Jan. 22 describing a supposedly rare and exceptional situation. Robertson stated “Most of the business was being conducted by Gerry wherever he and his computer were located. So, the company was left with no officers, directors or office space.”

But this is not a rare and exceptional situation for worldwide a multitude of virtual businesses, both honest and fraudulent, function with no registered officers, directors or office space. It is simply the scope of Cotten’s enterprise that makes it somewhat an exceptional situation. What the actual size of Cotten’s support troops are I will not conjecture, but for certitude his Cotten Jenny was every bit as business savvy as her noble orphanage volunteer.

But in an affidavit filed in B.C. Supreme Court as part of probate proceedings on Jan. 31, Cotten’s grieving widow, Jennifer Robertson, described herself trying to cope with corporate issues after Cotten’s death. She was supposedly singularly intent on preserving her husbands good name and bringing relief to his clients.

The affidavit said Robertson was left searching the couple’s Nova Scotia home and Cotten’s encrypted laptop for business records and missing coins. She described hiring a security expert to help recover information about the Quadriga Fintech Solutions Corporation and several other associated companies Cotten had past registered in British Columbia. As you recall the Fintech Ventures Group is led by Michael Patryn who originally funded our Queen of Coin and her ‘ray of sunshine husband’. To allude that she did not have intimate knowledge of the companies this crew were playing through is sheer duplicity. Right from the start she was playing a highly active role in the business of QuadrigaCX in its birth, growth and scheduled demise.

Whatever, Cotten Jenny said the family companies had more than 115-thousand clients who had invested assets worth $70-million, which she estimates had grown to $250-million by December 2018.” 

Was Tear Jerking Jenny possibly economically goosing the gander?

Cotten’s will filed in court Dec. 21, 2018, outlines how his $9.6-million cryptocurrency fortune would be divvied up between his Canadian loved ones, including his pair of chihuahuas being given a $100,00.00 trust fund. With the divvy up shown in the will there was not much for the grieving widow, but as it turns out Cotten Jenny had a fortune stashed away in cupboards all of her own. > QuadrigaCX founder’s widow owns $7.5M in Nova Scotia real estate

  1. For 2½ years precedent to GC’s death Jennifer was gobbling up properties in her own name and through Robertson Nova Property Management Ltd., a company registered to her home address, for which she is listed as its president, secretary and sole director.
  2. Our girl is quite a skillful property and companies’ manipulator. On January 25,2019 Cotten Jenny had the family home and other properties transferred to the Seaglass Trust, which lists her as its trustee and makes Seaglass Trust the mortgage holder on all properties owned by her company Robertson Nova Property Management.
  3. As a personal name changer she made it harder to fast track company and property ownership through their registrations. This woman was once known as Jennifer Forgeron on the deeds for properties she started purchasing in mid-July 2016. She soon underwent a name change to Jennifer Kathleen Margaret Griffith. But by December 1, 2016, Nova Scotia’s Royal Gazette announced she was changing her name to her current name of Jennifer Kathleen Margaret Robertson.
  4. Our three-name dame wasn’t tying herself to the Cotten last name legal thread line and as executor of the estate and owner of 43% of QuadrigaCX shares has proven quite astute at taking care of business to her own best financial interests. Do you seriously think that this woman would miss a necessary detail to her self such as a password to 250 million dollars?
  5. What is difficult to determine is whether she first set the scenario up for by-by cash access or the Chron’s Crooner initiated it himself knowing he was facing death, that they were soon coming to the end of the rainbow together at the pot of crypto cash. For how long was Gerald Cotten possibly crooning lyrics like these to his money grubbing three names dame? >

The man must have had Chron’s when they met but there is nothing that states thieves cannot have great love for one another. The expression that there is honor among thieves is what we call a contrasting proverb. In other words, this proverb says that criminals observe a moral code of honor in that they do not do anything illegal to their partners in crime. But this is a fallacy as it is well known the destruction that thieves wage upon one another in the drug laden dog eat dog underworld. Criminals are claimed to have a code of conduct whereby they will not inform on one another. However, this code is a fear of retaliation for ratting out in some form through their seeking leniency for some infraction of the law. It is what they fear the most at the moment that dictates what the thieves will do, not some inherent code of honor. 

Thus, the opposite view is there is no honor among thieves is what makes it a contrasting proverb. So, people may believe one or the other and they may say either one to suit whatever their current situation is.

But with or without honor thieves may have love for one another while it does not alter their basic nature of being a thief. Ultimately stealing really has nothing to do with the complexity of emotional love. The crypto cash cons have proven to be adept manipulating liars in their murky world of digital affairs.

We will now time line a bit about the manipulating liars and being a gentleman, I shall say its ladies first.

December 1, 2016 Cotten Jenny makes her third name change to her current name of Jennifer Kathleen Margaret Robertson.

July 2017 Cotten Jenny Robertson starts to gather in more properties and assets in her name and through companies registered to herself.

November 27, 2018 – Bloomberg reported that QuadrigaCX CEO and founder Gerald Cotten had legally changed his will on this date. This was just 12 days before his death on December 9,2018.

December 9, 2018 – Gerald Cotten supposedly dies in Jaipur, India, a statement of death from a Halifax funeral home says. His widow claims death was due to complications from Crohn’s disease.

Dec. 21, 2018 – Cotten’s will is filed in court, outlining how his $9.6-million cryptocurrency fortune will be divvied up between his Canadian loved ones — including a pair of chihuahuas with a $100,00 trust fund. His wife is trustee-executor of his will and estate.

January 25,2019 – Cotten Jenny has the family home and other properties transferred to the Seaglass Trust, which lists Robertson as its trustee and making Seaglass Trust the mortgage holder on all properties owned by her company Robertson Nova Property Management.

Jan. 28. 2019 –   Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX is stated down for maintenance, according to an announcement on its web-page. But it is reported as having been shut down on this date through legal enforcement measures.

Jan. 31, 2029 – QuadrigaCX makes an announcement   it had filed an application in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for creditor protection. This was after months of transaction delays.

February 5, 2019 – Justice Michael Wood gave QuadrigaCX a 30-day stay of proceedings in a bid to stop any lawsuits from proceeding against the company at this point. He appoints the firm of Ernst and Young to act as monitor. The company’s lawyer, Maurice Chiasson, tells the court QuadrigaCX wants time to search for roughly $250 million Canadian in assets left inaccessible after Cotten’s death. 

February 6, 2019 – QuadrigaCX court appointed monitor Ernst and Young find QuadrigaCX holding $902,743 in bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies in hot wallets. But before they can secure transference into the Court the QuadrigaCX program mysteriously transfers 103 bitcoins valued at $468,675 into cold wallets which the transfer company and the Court are now unable to access without the dead Cotton’s access keys.

Over a full month went by before the exchange began to falter and Cotten’s death was announced by the Bitcoin exchange. The length of time between the death of Gerald and the announcement is suspicious. The announcement of his death coincides with the faltering of the exchange and proclaimed need of funds due the banks activities which makes events even more interesting. Suddenly the crypto exchange QuadrigaCX needed funds to remain solvent that were not required but a short month prior. Because of this supposed shortage nobody gets anything as a result because QuadrigaCX cannot access funds due to bank interference and the lost wallet keys?

But Gerald was alive and readily accessible at the time of the events that precipitated the banks investigative actions and he could have easily unlocked the cold wallets to employ 250 million crypto bucks to remedy a simply cash flow matter.

Gerald Cotten is not unique amid branded liars.

When the death statement finally came from the company it said Cotten had been opening an orphanage in India. What difference does it make about his stated noble purpose for being in India, fighting to do good while in claimed final stages from the ravages of Chron’s disease. This was just a sympathy bid launching pad to aggrandize the character of a man that was a liar and a thief. The Company making the statement was his wife and she was the person set to benefit the most from a disappearing 250 million dollars.

She states – “Gerry cared deeply about honesty and transparency — values he lived by in both his professional and personal life,” the statement said. “He was hardworking and passionate, with an unwavering commitment to his customers, employees, and family.”

Honesty and transparency?  The man registered multilayered companies, had fraudulent business associates and was taking 250 million dollars the grave due his secretive business practices.

Unwavering commitment to his customers?

The man was a fraud and liar based on his statement in the Globe and Mail – “Any user who wishes to withdraw funds via cryptocurrency can do so instantly, as has always been the case,” Mr. Cotten says.

There never was instant withdrawal and QuadrigaCX had actually promised withdrawal would occasion within 14 business days. Numerous customers waited for months trying to secure cash withdrawal from their accounts. Some gave up the attempt, moved their money back into cryptocurrency and then transferred it to a rival exchange where they managed to get their cash out short the additional fees incurred with such transactions.

Some people have been trying to regain their investment since July 2018 in sums ranging from $12,000 to a half a million dollars with little hope of recouping anything through legal means. And some in such position had been associating with Gerald Cotten since 2012 and the founding of the Vancouver bitcoin Co-op.

Freddie Heartline, a Vancouver business associate and friend was a member of the Vancouver bitcoin Co-op and called Cotten a “sunny-ways guy, like Justin Trudeau.” Not much of character reference considering what Trudeau has shown himself to be. Freddie Heartline knew the cryptocurrency business was full of murky characters and qualified his view of Cotten. “Considering the amount of dirtbags, in crypto especially, he was a gem.”

But his Vancouver Bitcoin Co-op buddy Freddie Heartline also said “where is the fucking money Gerald”?

To which the Chron’s Crooner would reply if alive – “Don’t fret Fred, I’ve stuffed it all securely in my wallets”.

Hot and cold wallets. 

Any user who wants to transfer bitcoin requires a digital wallet located on a server to store their coin in order to carry out transactions.

So-called hot wallets are the digital data storage formats that are employed for active live transactions. They are for transfers underway. The so-called cold wallets are for storage of cryptocurrency when it is not being actively traded in hot wallets on an exchange. They are for securing the currency to prevent it being lost to hackers.

The idea behind cold wallet storage is that they’re inaccessible unless you have the appropriate keys. Cold wallets, by their nature, are highly encrypted for security reasons. A cold storage wallet is completely offline. It’s not connected to the servers or the infrastructure set up by an exchange. It’s usually a physical device that you would plug into a computer and requires a button to be pressed and a password.

And the Coin Con Queen claims Cotten was the only person with the recovery code to access the currency held in the secure cold wallets where the company kept much of its customers’ money. She stated – “Gerry took sole responsibility for the handling of funds for QuadrigaCX and as such no one other than him can access the coins in the cold wallets.”

Cotten left behind a password-protected laptop and USB key that no one has been able to crack. The situation has raised a lot of questions because there are only a finite number of bitcoins ever issued, and unless the cold wallets recovery code is accessed the bitcoins that are thus lost are lost forever.

Now, If the money was in cold wallets established by Cotten it could be gone forever with Cotten apparently taking the keys to the grave with him. In the affidavit signed by his widow and a Nova Scotia supreme court barrister we read: “The laptop computer from which Gerry carried out the companies’ business is encrypted and I do not know the password or recovery key. Despite repeated and diligent searches, I have not been able to find them written down anywhere.” 

It is logical to take the security precautions that Cotten did in securing a significant portion of the funds held by the QuadrigaCX exchange in a cold wallet as opposed to keeping all the cryptocurrency in the exchange’s hot wallet. This storage policy makes it harder for a hacker to nab everything in one fell swoop, and such thieves are commonplace in the cryptocurrency world. For example, the company Bancor lost 23.5 million dollars in one security breach in July 2018.

So cold wallet storage is logical assuming there is some sort of backup in place in case something happens to the one person with access to the cold wallet as in the case of Gerald Cotten.

Given his performance capabilities, his wife’s activities and their relationship together it is totally illogical for her to claim that Gerald did not entrust the access code to her. She is a manipulative liar, but how will it be proven? It might be impossible.

But, on February 9,2019 it is stated that there is no evidence showing the QuadrigaCX 250 million dollars was ever in Cotten’s wallets >

“A cryptocurrency analyst says there is little evidence that tens of millions of dollars of assets allegedly trapped on hard drives belonging to the deceased founder of a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange were ever being stored in so-called cold wallets.”

The blockchain is a distributed ledger that records all transactions across many computers where anyone can track the movement of publicly available cryptocurrency transactions.

The analytics firm Elementus and others have been analyzing the blockchain for evidence of these cold wallets and have been unable to find them. They have been unable to find records of any sums prevalent to the 250 million of having been transferred into cold storage.

“So, you know when looking on the blockchain to see whether what’s there corroborates the story, you would expect to see funds moving out into a cold wallet,” said Max Galka, CEO of Elementus.” 

The fact that no cold wallets activity is present means that the activity story that they’re stating took place is a fabrication and Cotten did not secure the disappearing funds as Cotten Jenny has claimed.

All of this has left thousands of fearful customers with lost assets and scant information. So where do you go for solace when your personal ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ similar to Gerald Cotten turns out to be a dirt bag surrounded with allegations about having executed an exit scam?


The Murky World of Cryptocurrency

On February 5, 2019, we delved further into the Canadian case warning about the murky world of cryptocurrency. >

The Super Murky World

According to documents prepared for the court hearing, suddenly it turns out that a company widely seen as Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency trader, a company that described itself as a leading bitcoin exchange was really just a guy with a computer. This does not prove true in Cotten’s case.

But our Travis Patron describes himself as a leading authority in the Bitcoin world and he is really just a guy with a computer.

Some crypto exchanges are better than others, but for many young or inexperienced people hoping to make a fortune in the sector, it is really hard to tell if a seemingly credible operator is really just a guy in his basement with a pretty web site.

Among the features of crypto, as it is often called for short, is that its anonymity puts it beyond the reach of normal regulation.

“It’s super murky,” said David Gerard, author of the book Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain. The term blockchain refers to the complex system of encryption used by currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to simultaneously record the value of the virtual money, keep its owner secret and prevent anyone from stealing it.

Real cash is hard enough to keep track of when people want to keep it secret. But with bitcoin and its ilk, hidden behind walls of encryption, it is even more difficult to follow the money. And if digital coin encryption could be cracked to get at that money, the entire crypto house of cards would collapse.

On February 8,2019 we are told ‘social engineering’ makes it easy for hackers to access your cash. >

“Marketplace‘s latest investigation has found that just a few pieces of personal information could leave you and your accounts vulnerable.

It happened to Erynn Tomlinson. The former cryptocurrency executive lost about $30,000 in cryptocurrency after hackers used a few of her personal details during interactions with Rogers customer service representatives to ultimately gain access to her account.

Tomlinson is a victim of the latest type of hack plaguing the telecommunications industry: it’s called a SIM swap, and hackers use what’s known as social engineering to make it happen.”

So, read and heed if you employ a cell phone, on line banking or are involved in the cryptocurrency world.

“The emergence of social engineering fraud comes as no surprise to ethical hacker and cyber-security expert Joshua Crumbaugh. – “Social engineering’s been a popular thing, I mean, since the beginning of time — we just gave it a new term. It’s the same thing that grifters and con men have been doing forever … they’re just exploiting basic human weaknesses or vulnerabilities.”

And your biggest human weakness being exploited in the cryptocurrency world is the surrender to greed and eagerness to make a fast buck and huge gains.

When such attitudes are at play amid the crypto-cons you can expect bizarre events such as reported February 12, 2019 >

In the world of computers and cons you should not consider any events as bizarre as computers only do what they have been programmed to activate. But, in their investigations the QuadrigaCX court appointed monitor Ernst and Young found that QuadrigaCX was holding $902,743 in bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies in hot wallets. But before they could secure transference into the Court something went wrong on February 6, 2019. The QuadrigaCX program mysteriously transferred 103 bitcoins valued at $468,675 into cold wallets which the company is now unable to access without the dead Cotton’s access keys.

The monitor has made arrangements to transfer the remaining hot wallet cryptocurrency into a cold wallet which will then be retained by the monitor. It shall be interesting to see if they have success or at the attempt if these funds also disappear into Cotten land. The $902,743 funds were obviously left sitting like a duck floating on water, done so by the computer programmer to secure the hunters eyesight to the blinded pathways it wants followed. It appears the program is simply collecting more data to magnify its own defence from all attempts at ‘hacking transference’ and to display the futility of trying to access its cold wallets in any uninvited fashion. Or, this is a genuine Chron’s pride filled computer glitch which is somewhat doubtful.

As well, since the first reports of Gerald and his constant companion laptop by Cotten Jenny we now find that all parties have been left with items that shall keep them occupied and running down blind alleys for sometime to come. From an encryption expert working for QuadrigaCX the monitor has retrieved two active laptops; two older model laptops; two active cellphones; two dead cellphones; three encrypted USB flash drives and is securing Cotten’s desktop computer from his home office in Fall River, N.S.

Ernst and Young also confirmed that it is working with the company to preserve data stored on a series of third-party servers, though it remains unclear where those servers are located.

The findings in the report are based on unaudited financial information, including QuadrigaCX’s records and other financial information, and interviews with its directors, senior management team, consultants and legal advisers.

So, we now also know it was not just little Gerald and His Single Computer travelling the world looking to do good that was producing the disastrous financial results for one and all. We know he did have a support crew working for him and all this should keep the monitors occupied for some time and it may be far more time than necessary to complete an exit plan of any devising. Like I stated earlier, these Cotten Cons are not stupid, they are just thieves and liars.

As to the mess evidenced with the potentially accessible bank drafts, do not get side tracked.  Just let it play itself out if you think you may actually recoup a % of what you have lost through greedy investment. But I would not hold my breath or start gasping for financial air in this murky cloud of cryptocurrency fraud.

Why? Because more than 500 affected users have contacted Ernst and Young since the insolvency process began and there are more to come gasping for air just like you. And, meanwhile QuadrigaCX is being kept afloat by Robertson, who has contributed $150,000 to cover operating costs. What operating costs is the three-name dame so generously covering to keep one and all occupied on the financial path ensuring her personal greedy prosperity and success?

As for me? I could care less about this mess and any attempts at resolution. This entire scenario has served to elucidate the murky crypto con world that Travis Patron likes to call ‘home sweet home’ where his digital wallets don’t roam. And time is permanently running out for the Kid from Redvers in his self-proclaimed leadership in the Kingdom of the Bitcoin.


The Fraudulent Founder Claim of Travis Patron

From his spiders’ web: “Travis Patron is a political economist and digital money researcher best known for his research into the internet payment system bitcoin.

At the age of 21, Travis founded Diginomics, a bitcoin investment firm focusing on the changing nature of government regulation, taxation, and business collaboration on a global basis. With special interests in cryptography and computer programming, Diginomics has quickly grown to become a leading voice in the highly ambitious cryptocurrency industry.

You can learn more about him at 

Patron has no legal right to employment of the term Diginomics as the title for his electronic bitcoin investment firm.

Further, since the conception of e-cash in 1983 and the start-up of DigiCash in 1990 the world of cybercurrencies has exploded to over 700 “denominations”. But it was only on October 5, 2018 that Patron initialized his bitcoin reserve fund with a contribution of exactly 1.0 BTC. With this move Patron was trying to ‘tag on’ to the lucrative, murky and confusing world of greedy cryptocurrency investors.

If there is a legal right to employing the name of Diginomics it would certainly belong to Wallace Woods, the man who first coined the word.  The term diginomics, standing for digital economics, was first coined in 1998 so let’s see what its creator Wallace Wood has to say.

Wallace R. WoodAugust 31, 2008 at 4:26 am  Says: “In 1998, in response to over 30 years of research and writing on the subject of a future ‘digital economic’ system, I coined the word “Diginomics.” Much to my surprise, I found no evidence of its existence in any dictionary, so I submitted it to every English-speaking dictionary I could find. In 2007, Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary agreed to showcase the word on their website. Today, it’s amazing to see how the word has truly taken hold around the globe, fairly true to the definition that I assigned to it. Here is the ‘official’ definition: Diginomics n. – acronym of two words: digital and economics. (1) the status of development toward an all-digital economy conducted electronically in all financial dealings between buyer and seller; a cashless society where all moneys (incl. cash, coins, checks and credit) and transactions involving the same are conducted electronically. (2) Societal trends in which the presence of and use of advanced electronic technology is both prevalent and predominant, creating lifestyles and social cultures that are technology driven. Synonyms – Cashless society, digital economy, friction-free economy, e-business, mobile economy, m-economy, entertainment economy, intangible economy. (1998, Wallace R. Wood, Houston TX)

As this website fully attests (and myriad other places on the ‘Net), I gave birth to the word “diginomics” in 1998, and its birthing definition was simply: digital economics.” 

As it has matured over the years in the fields of digital culture, social networkingacademia and national media, the essence of its original definition has expanded (not changed) to include “the digitization of society at-large” … the transformation from mechanical analogue to high-definition digital.

Sadly, though, as in the case of raising children, bring the outside world into their protective domain, and you end up with conflicts and contradictions to your earlier instincts on how to raise them as you see fit. Likewise in this case: As the concept of the term has captured outside attention, there have been those who have tinkered with its original definition and, hence, it’s viable identity. There have been efforts by some to even claim origination and ownership of the word to the extent of seeking copyright and even trademark of the word, thereby limiting its use to their own financial benefit. This runs contrary to my earlier purposes for the word, for I did not wish to constrain its public usage through the restrictions common to licensing (copyright, trademark). I want the dictionaries to pick it up. I want media to use it. I want editors, authors, teachers, and people everywhere to make it a common part of the public vocabulary.”

As Wallace R Wood states: “One final thought — “Diginomics” is NOT a political movement or philosophy! It is a definition term to a global economic/cultural change. Any attempt to politicize this word is a misguidance and misrepresentation of its true definition.

That’s why we have a website on the subject: (aka:”

When you tap into the web page (#Diginomics)  you will encounter how Patron has tried to create the illusion that he is the creator and founder of Diginomics. Further, Patron has gone directly against what the creator of diginomics originated it to be representative of in trying to employ it as a financing mechanism for the Canadian Nationalist Party through a bitcoin derivative fund.

The Canadian Nationalist Party supports the use of local, community-based currencies. Our bitcoin derivative fund is used to secure the financial integrity of our own community-based currency called the Nationalist Dollar. Every Nationalist Dollar is redeemable for bitcoin at a fixed exchange rate.

Our reserve was initialized on October 5th, 2018 with a contribution of exactly 1.0 BTC.

Every Nationalist dollar note is printed with a cryptographic timestamp to prevent counterfeiting and verify integrity of the bill. The monetary authority of the Canadian Nationalist Party uses their private key to cryptographically sign every banknote printed, which is displayed as a QR code and can be used to verify the integrity of the note.”

Who gave the Canadian Nationalist Party the monetary authority to print anything? As to verifying the integrity of the note? How can a man without the integrity of respecting what WR Wood described as the existential definition and nature of Diginomics to be, state himself as being a standard of veracity?

This WR Wood is all embracing on his web site when it comes to trying to foster his perceptions of diginomics but he may not have written a foreword to a book authored by Patron if he knew that the Kid from Redvers was violating basic principles that Wood put forward. And, also for Patron to title his supposed firm Diginomics on his own web site is an affront immeasurable to me. But, like everything else in this murky world such men occupy it looks as if Wood has published Patron’s writing and is paying a commission to Patron for each item sold. >     The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet of Money – $19 – Length: 130 Pages – Format: PDF, EPUB, MOBI – Author: Travis Patron
Foreword: Wallace Wood

“The innovation of bitcoin is perhaps the most intriguing development of the early 21st century. In a span of only 5 years, the digital currency has jumped from being traded at 4 tenths of a penny, to highs of over $1200. In that time, we’ve seen individuals, government organisations, and large corporations warm up to the idea that bitcoin may be a form of cyber money pundits have been predicting for years.

Outside the control of any centralized institution and owned by no one party in particular, bitcoin sets the stage for something bold and new. Operating by freely accessible technology, experts describe it as a breakthrough in computing science formulated upon decades of research.

The market of monetary innovation is entering the private domain. What lies ahead for political regimes who attempt with futility to regulate this ghost outside the machine?

Join us as we explore …The Bitcoin Revolution

“What Patron has done here is to brilliantly reveal to us how the new era of digitized money is evolving. It’s the next important link in understanding the future … now! Others have said, “It’s coming.” Patron says: “It’s here!””

Wallace Wood, Technology Journalist, Houston, Texas

Patron has managed to get one other small article published on CoinDesk, but this source will publish anything just to keep something on their web. 

Travis Patron simply remains a little bitty bitcoin conman with scruples that easily match those of Justin Trudeau. He talks big, thinks small and morally is so far adrift that it appears no spiritual anchor is about to slow him down.


No Recognized Accreditation

There is no accreditation of Travis Patron and his claimed company Diginomics to be found in any of the following organizations.

> List of designated educational institutions –

> List of recognized higher education accreditation organizations -…

> Organizations Listing – Canadian Accreditation Council

> Professional programs accreditation – Universities Canada

 From Nationalist to Globalist

In the video following Travis Patron states that the “most important thing is to nationalize our country” and that there are only two sides involved with “no in between ground” between the Nationalists versus Globalists >

In the video Patron claims the Media is part of the Globalist propaganda machine, that they are liars and ‘we are loyal to the laws’.

Patron states that “any man who says that he is a Canadian, but tries to impose his customs and habits on us, is not a Canadian”. He likens himself similar to Prime Minister Mackenzie King in claiming from Mackenzie King that “Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws.”

Like his delusional associates Patron believes that diginomics is the future of global economies that will be conducted exclusively in cyberspace. They try to espouse bitcoin as a form of digital gold, that it is simply a new class of asset and this is pure hogwash that only registers with people that believe they can be true friends with people they’ve met only virtually and never in ‘real life.’ In fact, they claim that there is no difference in such encounters.  Sadly about 40% of Americans believe that virtual communications are equal to or more meaningful than in-person exchanges.

For such lost to reality people the diginomics world possesses the right to its own architecture, sovereignty cultural, social, and political infrastructure.

 All of this has gotten Mighty Mike Tyson laughing once again. He fully encompasses the reality of a full force shot in the head as opposed to a virtual one. He also is quite willing to demonstrate the difference to you personally should you so desire.

But Travis Patron is a man wandering around in the Dream Land of bitcoin. On November 21,2018 Travis Patron tweeted: “Had an interesting dream last night where we use bitcoin to circumvent the current government authority and establish our own jurisdiction in Canada.”

So, there you are folks. Through the bitcoin con our Patron wants to circumvent current government authority and establish his own Kingdom of Canada. But to do so he must become the murky monetary globalist to be the truly pure nationalist? Just another example of Patron hypocrisy, delusions and lies.

Hypothesis # ThreeA Hypocritical Charity FraudsterPatron Is Fraudulent Through Both Charity and Political Party Advocacy

How far will a coin-con go in doing a con-con jingle? Just deliberately leave information out, launch emotional charity appeals and then deploy the cash for self-advance?

Multiple ‘Patron Give Us Your Cash Appeals’ are presented under the headline of being a Political Party Entity but never once is it stated that:

 “No tax receipt can be issued for donations until the party is officially registered by Elections Canada.”

Do any of his appeals for donations in any manner ever state NO taxation receipt is available? NO! This is the case for both his Canadian Nationalist Party and his Nationalist Charity Program.

He is as cold as ice in how he will try to use people to his own ends.

“We here at the Nationalist Charity Program will not stand by and see our fellow Canadians freeze. Last year in Toronto alone over 70 people died during the winter due to homelessness. We have made it our mission to do everything in our power not to see this take place. We are canvassing our neighborhoods and asking for your help in any way you can.”

Look at his combination Charity Program and Nationalist Party donation posting. He is offering escalating tax credits for funds that can never be tax credited until after a political party has been officially registered through Elections Canada. > His Donations Program web posting >charity-program

His Charity Program is simply making use of the homeless and veterans to augment his own coffers. The Canada Revenue Agency search tool for donors and charities is used to find registered or revoked charities and confirm if a Canadian charity is registered.  The information in the Charities Listings is updated each business day. At 11/07/18 at 6:27 I once again researched all derivatives under The Canadian Nationalist Party and Travis Patron personally. >   List of charities –  Patron is no where to be found.

Patron should be more scrupulous about this fact: “Canadian registered charities need to scrupulously avoid involvement with partisan political activity.  In this brief note we cover CRA policy statement CPS-022 on political activity by charities and CRA’s Advisory on Partisan Political Activities. It is really important for Canadian charities to understand the policy statement and advisory.” Full Article in PDF  > Canadian Federal Election – Canadian Charity Law

Patron is bare naked frozen fraudulent in implying through association in any manner he is a registered charity. 

But, under his CNP Party Donation appeal he gives explicit information that he has a tax receipt available. This is in outright violation of the laws surrounding contribution to political parties. Donations precedent to formal registration of a political party are not eligible for taxation donation receipt as has been ample evidenced in the donations format that Maxime Bernier just lived out in front of the nation with the Peoples Party of Canada.

Patron states that an illegal “Party donation allows us to grow our movement and share our message. As a donor, you gain a spot to have your name or company displayed on our recognition page of our website and all corresponding branding material.”

On February 9, 2019 Patron web posted he was letting his name stand for election in Souris-Moose Mountain. >  He cannot be allowed to move onward in this without making an absolute mockery of the laws of Canada and our election process. He cannot be allowed to move onward in this for the sake of his own mental spiritual well being.

Here is a bit of a reminder from back in November of 2017 about  > The Guy Trying To Lead The White Nationalist Movement In Canada…

So, what is hypothesis now and what is theory?

Hypothesis # 1 – A Flaming Homosexual has moved into the realm of Theory

Hypothesis #2 – A Bit-Coin Conman and Hypothesis #3 – A Hypocritical Charity Fraudster are both clearly Facts. Just as carrying out Electoral Fraudulent practices is a FACT.

As time permits, I will present his illegal actions to the appropriate Government authorities in an attempt to slow him down on his pathway of self-destruction.

In the meantime, does anyone have enough compassion to assist him with the intake to the mental health facilities he is obvious desperate need of?



We shall pull Patron’s KKK hood off a bit more in Chapter Ten “For White Eyes Only – His Greatest Lie”